Saturday, November 21, 2009

A new page

I finished another page in the Fantasy Folded Book last night. I'm supposed to be in the art room, changing it around and de-cluttering. I changed it so well on the first try that I had to squeeze in and out the door; so that meant moving everything back into the original places and contemplating a different move! So I'm on the 2nd change and still it's not right! What I need is just a little more moving the long outer wall out about 1.5 to 2 feet. I mean, really, it would just make a world of difference on what I could do! It's not going to happen, so I have a too narrow, too short room for a too short, too fat gal with way too much "must have" art supplies. I am finding things to actually toss and some that will go to eBay and more that will go to others in need of more "stuff", but still it doesn't open the right space I need. Most of the reason, beyond just having too much because I want to do everything, is that when you don't have the moola to buy the right storage containers, shelving and tables, then you use whatever you can steal from other rooms or buy cheap and then.....they don't work right and the room isn't right!!
On the other hand, I do recall getting a lot more art done, in the years that I worked, had a growing family and only used the kitchen table that had to be cleared every day for meals! How did I do that?
Well, anyway, I'll continue to ponder that darn room and get it workable, soon. I tried not to get side-tracked BUT I can't move in there without seeing THE BOOK or The Other Book and each time I dare to move a container of images or a pile of magazines or heaven forbid, a painting pattern book, they call out to me and before I even realize it, I'm sitting down and playing. It's the devil and he tugs hard!!! Part of de-cluttering is putting the painting pattern books and other 'how-to' books back where they belong and so I have to look at them!! I'm out of space for those, also and haven't yet got up the courage to tell someone else here that I sure need another book shelf unit built for me! I mean, really, you can NEVER have too many, right? I do get rid of some but I usually replace them at least 3 to 1! I won't even discuss regular reading books, yet!
So here's another page in the Fantasy Folded Altered book. This sort of got off the Fantasy theme but I just had to do it, anyway. This was from a page of advertising in one of those vintage magazines I was given. It just tickled me....the words are funny and the name of the cigs is just ridiculous! SPUDS! They make them sound so good! Here it is:

This is 2, 1/3 fold pages that I used as 1 page. You can see some of the previous pages showing in the corners. I used paper from a card/envelope from my step-son (the black/white pattern), a piece of wall paper, a flower image cut from something, a gal from a clothes pattern cover, the advertising from a 1932 magazine, a poppy that I drew on paper covering the art table and decided to use on here and then the usual markers & watercolor pencils. I hope you can read the words in the advertising. They are so funny! Click on the picture for a larger view.