Saturday, November 28, 2009


I missed posting anything for several days again, well, a week or so even. It's not that I've been terribly busy; I think just busy at not being busy! I'm very good at it!
I did have several days alone again while Rocket (DH) went back up to camp with the boys, but even then I found myself getting irritated with disruptions to my ALONE time and just never made it into the art room at all. I did have time to catch up on blogs and find many more that made me gasp with delight!
Yes, the art room is still waiting for me to get in there and seriously get it into shape. I had to undo what changes I made which in turn made a bigger mess; as I try to get it back together I am managing to pick through and empty several containers and piles of paper, books and ephemera. It doesn't look as if I've purged anything but truly I have! Maybe today I'll remember to take a few photos of my glorious inspirational space. HA!
Last evening I did go in there and do a little purging but I made the mistake of sitting down at the painting table and started to tear off the paper cover as I watched TV. To clear the paper, of course I had to pick up and move paper scraps into a pile for later inspiration BUT it inevitably led to playing around. As I watched a show, I started to play with a scrap of paper and as I played with the pencils and neo colors I started to like this little scrap of trim and decided I'd keep it for "whatever" came along. BUT, then I did what I ALWAYS do, I ruined it! Why I always manage to do something silly or overwork something is beyond me. It never ever fails that I make a blotch, smear, tear, make something crooked or noticeably out of whack! I mean, those little imperfections have their time and place but just never where I want them! And it just irks me and can ruin my mood for days.
I'll show a picture of this little scrap of a trim where the gold leaf pen finally did the unthinkable and made a big splotch of paint instead of a nice dot. That pen had been working so perfectly and I was so proud of it! Then because I'm always impatient, I never give things the proper time to dry and so to make matters worse, I then smeared 2 of the perfect dots! Such a tiny piece of scrap and I was destroying the cute little thing with the after-thought of gold dots. I'm going to make myself use it on something along the way; it'll be a further lesson in not being so anal about being mostly imperfect at everything; not just art. I suppose it may not show on here but here's the little scrappy mood changer:

I still have to go on Rocket's computer and find some of my picture folders seeing I managed to lose mine in the computer transition. Luckily he'll have the pictures I need to show some pictures of 'this and that' artsy stuff I've done.