Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Mail Art

I am way way behind in getting packages ready to mail. I have several things I need to be packing up and sending on their way. For one thing, it's so expensive to mail packages now that I put it off. I mean to say that a lot of the time the postage or shipping costs more than the item in the package. That's just not right. I love sending cards and trinkets but it's pretty much nearly halted thanks to a tiny fixed retirement income for 2!
Then, too, I love doing the mail art on these packages or envelopes but they get held up until I finally get a brain storm on what art to do! Why can't I just sit down and dash off some great looking, pleasing art that also pertains to the receiving person in some fashion? Yet, other times, I find a certain scrap or image while sorting through and then can't wait for the right package or envelope to do the mail art on! Have I said I worry too much or I'm weird? Oh! What? I don't need to tell you this fact?

So today I'm happy to show another picture of a package with some mail art on it. It's awful how long this sat just because I really wanted to do art on this one. Had to find the right size box and then I had a theme in my head which didn't work at all. But, in the mail I got last week from Emelie, was the perfect napkin that gave me another idea and it fits the person perfectly, too! So here's today's Mail Art photo. I even remembered to scan before the address went on!
I used white freezer paper to wrap the box. Then I used Twinkling H2O's to paint a background. The rest of the picture was done entirely by tearing up one small napkin and rearranging it all and adding a butterfly. Then went back and did the ink work and such. It was a little too big for the scanner so it's not really cut off as it shows in the photo.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tin Roof & allergies

I wanted to show the results of using alcohol inks on a tin birdhouse roof. It's a tin tile roof with a raised design. It was very easy to do but messy because you can't get into the corners or some low spots with the applicator, so as I said earlier, I took the cotton swab off the applicator and used my fingers to dab. It would probably be a good idea to use rubber gloves! However, I hate wearing gloves for anything, I have to be able to 'feel' what I'm doing. Besides that, until I find new latex free rubber gloves, guess I won't be touching what I have on hand.
I guess after the house is painted and it's put out in the weather for the birds, we'll see how the inks last. I'll probably use outdoor varnish or a spray to protect the whole house and roof when I'm done.

I mentioned in the allergy post that I removed all the erasers from my work areas. However, until getting latex free erasers, one must erase. So I very carefully used the tiny eraser on the end of a mechanical pencil; sheesh.....still got the tingles in my mouth! Night before last I was in the art room and using the computer in there. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard and don't really need a mouse pad BUT I have a darling pad made and sent by a Fairy friend and so I keep it there beside me. After removing the erasers so I wouldn't be touching them, I was still noticing a reaction when I was on that computer or sitting at that table. Not as bad as to the erasers but still a definite reaction. So I went back to the list of latex items to watch for. Sure enough, mouse pads have latex! I took it away and now I feel much better when at that table. Who knew? I've been using that pad for a year!! So sorry, VAL, your pretty birthday fairy mouse pad now resides in the Starock office!!
Do you know that even remote controls have latex? Golly! Do you know how many remotes we have in this house; our coffee table overflows with them!

So here's a few pics of the tin roof. Not sure they really show how pretty it is but you get the idea, if you haven't tried the inks on tin.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Mail Art

I just sent a small package with some mail art on it. We were exchanging napkins for mixed media art ( ) so I had a quick idea for her package. This is the gal I just showed in the previous post. I decided she needed to go on a trip so I ripped her away from her confines and made her into mail art. I think she was happy to go on to Emelie. I like how the background changed her into a sassy Tattoo lady.
This was just done using the face done on tracing paper covering my work table, as I had already described and then the added elements are all things I printed,  cut out and collaged together.
Now I need to do another piece of mail art but the graphics I want are bigger than the package! Guess I need to re-size. LOL!
Haven't really done much of anything else. Worked on a idea for a painting or maybe journal page and I've been refurbishing a bird house that got crashed and needs to get back outside. It has a tin roof and I decided to see how alcohol inks worked on it. Turned out really pretty but my finger nails may never be clean again! I couldn't get into the sides and pattern good with the applicator so I pulled the pad off and used it with my fingers. I can say those inks do stain well! Now I have to decide what to paint on the house before nesting time gets here and passes me by. I see some of our birds already looking into houses and Robins and Blackbirds gathering nesting debris. Mr. Buddy Wren hasn't appeared yet and this is his of his many houses. He's so greedy to show off to his Females that he builds in every house I have out. He did allow Bluebirds to nest last year but there was a heck of a fight, first. Before that chick-a-dee's nested not far from the wrens but not last year.
Here's the Mail art: