Friday, June 4, 2010

More Totems

I'm still making more garden Totems, slowly. I also did a couple birdbath/feeders, which could also become butterfly feeders. I have a few more of them to make , too.
I haven't done much in the flower beds at all. The weather, except for a few days that have been perfect, hasn't been good for me working outside. We had June and July weather for all of May and now that June is here we're having April and May. It's just plain goofy. And we are in the 10th year of a drought, which is now listed as severe. I'm not watering flowers this year. I did last year, when I said I wouldn't, and it only made for a high water bill (after we ran out of rain barrel water) and the flowers still didn't do good. Watering keeps them going but they don't thrive like with rain. So, most of them being perennials, this year they're on their own. Lost a few plants to late snow and then 3 freezes after that. Luckily TODAY we are having a cool day but our first nearly all day rain! In May we broke records for heat and humidity. I did nothing on those days but sit at the computer or sit out on the deck. Humidity makes me ill and I swell, horribly.
I've also been putting off THE DIET but now I'm trying to get serious about and get going again. Not sure why it's so hard to start and keep going longer than a few days at a time. I have to start back walking, too, but I'm needing a good pair of shoes. Everything I have right hurt my feet. I had to go for a physical (UGH!!) and so far it hasn't been too bad. Almost everything wrong is WEIGHT / AGE related and so the diet. Being heavy I was hating to have the reports come back on cholesterol and triglycerides. I was most pleasantly surprised, as was the DR. to find neither was bad at all. However I was borderline diabetic for the first time ever and also something doing with my heart, high something or other, didn't make him too happy......ergo diet and walking.
I do Medifast for a diet. 2 years ago I did it and lost 87 pounds in just over 5 months. But then there was a family disaster and I quit, then I had cellulitis in my legs and spent a Winter in bed. I ate my through both and found nearly all of those pounds and let them back. It was dumb but it's what I do and what I really do best in my life is eat! I eat happy, I really eat sad, I eat well mad, I eat grief, I eat depressed, I eat bored and then I eat the past. Inbetween I eat regular meals. Eating and snacking is comfort and maybe a tad of security for the few times in my life when I had no food. I gave thought to blogging my progress and thinking it would help push me to get it done this time BUT I think I'm not that brave. Maybe I don't believe I'll succeed and I don't want everyone in the world knowing. I have lost 14 pounds but that's a small dent in what I have to lose.

So here's pics of a few more Totems.

This last picture is of the 2 bird feeders or birdbaths. They aren't mounted on a pole, they just sit on the ground. They're all lined up along the driveway and fence waiting to be sold!

New post and New class!

I'm either a bad blogger or it's SUMMER and I have other things to do even tho' the blog is on my mind. Maybe it's just both!

So the first thing before I start to ramble on is that there is exciting news from Sharon at, a NEW class is beginning. I already told you about her FACES class, which is still going and by all means, just take the class if you still haven't!! There's no end so you can begin at any time and even have fun along the way and Sharon is always there to help if you need it. And yes, she'll critique your faces and art as well.....not mushy gushy and say that every one's face is perfect, nope, she'll tell you nicely what you can do to improve it or add to add to it or maybe remove something. It's learning in a fun pleasant way! No FEARS! So now begins another class on faces.....TECHNICOLOR faces, having fun with color and learning where to use color as shadow and highlights. Kinda like going back to Kindergarten or Sunday School and everyone has already grabbed the white, black, green, red and the flesh you are left with purple, yellows and shades of blues and greens to color with. How cool will that class be? So go register and see for yourself. You truly get a big "BANG" for your bucks, too!! If you don't want to check out the Ning site first then just go here to read about it and see a peek of what you'll be learning. Just DO IT!!! I really can't afford another class but you know what, I'm gonna do it anyway because I want it and what are credit cards for anyway? It's worth it for the smiles and good feeling Sharon brings!!! And if Summer gets in my way of art, then it'll still be there waiting for me!!

Ok so I was gonna go on but I think I'll leave this post as it is and I'll go start another new one. Two in one day to make up for a month of none at all! So while I go round up some pictures of totems for the next post, just go ahead and check out Sharon's blog or class site.......go......just do it!