Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm Back!

I lost my way for a long while, I guess! Hard to realize that I actually let this go for just over a whole year. Not even sure I know how that happened. Can't say I did a whole lot in that year other than to grow older! I believe I can blame GAMES on FB for taking up a whole lot of my time; can't complain too much about that tho' as I love playing games with friends & family and competing against each other.
Now, I'll still play some but I need to start metering my time much better. I haven't done a whole lot of anything art-wise in that time either. Think I might have 1 or 2 mail art pieces to show that actually got finished and sent. I have a stack of cards and envelopes waiting for me to get to it!! I promised my sister she would get one for her B'day no matter how late it was.....that was in April. I did do some 'Found Words' pages and have been brave enough to show that book and the yet unfinished Fantasy altered book to a few friends and even my Family Dr.! I only showed the 'Found Words' book to the DR., I had a reason for doing so and besides I take it with me so I can fiddle with it while waiting. I was pleasantly surprised when he was completely taken with it, the words, the art and the whole concept of an altered book. I explained how 'Found Words' can actually be very therapeutic while showing him the story I had started but not yet finished and then just the random pages. He had never heard of altering books. I forget not everyone loves art or the many aspects of it. And then, believe it or not, I actually showed it to a Psychologist who thought the idea was wonderful but I guess he either just didn't 'get it' or didn't want to to take the time to really look. I suppose doing therapy on yourself and saving $300.00 an hour didn't sound good to him! I'll tell about why I had to see him in a post to come. So anyway, no painting that I can think of, no more totems finished and now the itch to find my way back to it really needs to be scratched!
 I have decided that the totem glass has to go! It takes up too much space and too much time. Trying to sell them here is also time consuming and most just want free directions so they can make their own. Maybe I price too low and should try pricing at $75 to $100+ and see what happens! No matter, I want the glass out of here. Yesterday I did work on one that needed fixing and a part re-glued. Had it all washed and the section fixed and glued back in place. It was still on the pipe and inserted into a  (upside down crate so the pipe can insert into a hole)milk crate to dry! I warned Rocket not to stomp anywhere near the totem and walk softly when going past! Later in the evening I was on here...actually looking at some blogs and catching up on gathering some awesome graphics, when the phone rang and startled me. I pushed my chair back too fast and jumped up for the phone and CRASH! There went the totem, just missing my head! I take that as a omen my feelings are correct to follow and stop doing the totems!  LOL! That's the first one I crashed! Now I have to re-work the short section I just fixed! Luckily just a clear glass bowl broke into pieces but getting all the broken glass off now to replace it should be fun. 2 years outside in the weather and I smash it in the house!
 So my plan is to start blogging more again and get back to doing the art I like. I'll be cleansing the art room of all the crafty things and items I don't want or need any more and then maybe it won't be so cluttered and overwhelming when I sit down to do something. I just want to get back to painting 'stuff' and learning more drawing. I also have a idea swimming around in my brain but I'm scared to try it. Ever since I saw the paintings (LOON) SHARON did on a cabinet door, I've been thinking about this. In the entrance / laundry room there are old cabinets with tall doors. The walls need painting bad as do the cabinets. That room also holds the water heater and furnace (boiler) so there are pipes and such in the way. I did go as far as nearly making the color choices and bought some curtains and a rug to match. They all SIT because of this idea.....I'm thinking the walls are old and not in great shape anyway, so why not maybe do a mixed media collage right directly on the walls? I just can't decide how to start; maybe just gluing on some newsprint first or slip-slap some old paint on and then start adding some print? Anyone have some ideas....easy, cheap ideas? It's a tiny room and just partial walls.
 This is getting long so I'll quit for tonight. I mostly just wanted to say "hi" and that I'm back. I did keep up a little bit with a few of you but have a lot of catching up to do. Maybe tomorrow I'll get back on and start on another item I want and need to blog about. Maybe blogging it will help me stay the course and might even help someone else who is going the same direction I am or thinking about it.
Wonder what it could be?