Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pretty Gifties

I know I haven't been on again in a while. I was here, just didn't have a lot to post, I guess.
But today I do have some pictures of some very nifty gifts that were given to me by my step Son who came to visit for a week end! I have to tell you that he always brings me the most wonderful gifts....he totally 'gets' me! He's also a wonderful step Son and not just because he gets me and brings me such wonderful things. He's just also fun to be with and his visits are always pleasant and interesting.
 This visit he brought me a most wonderful big wall calendar....ZOZO the Magic Queen! If you haven't seen this artist or her works just Google it! Then there's gorgeous ceramic sphere on a iron rod for the garden, a box of  different blank ATC cards, a big bottle of glitter glaze and it was all packed into a very shiny pretty satin tote bag that he made! Yup, I was in heaven!! So here's some pics to show of the calendar and some of the page art, the sphere and a not so good shot of the tote, but at least it shows the pretty colors of the satin.
The calendar!

ZOZO Queen Art

another page

and one more!

ceramic garden sphere!

Luscious tote bag!