Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Learning by Scrap Art

Nothing exciting or earth shattering to share today. Pretty much seems to be the norm. I am trying to start the entrance project but somehow having no place to put anything out of the way and trying to work around a husband just isn't being productive. He'll be gone all day and evening tomorrow so maybe if I put my mind to it, I can make some headway! Trouble is, I always have a hundred things lined up for when he might be G. O. N. E. for a day! He hasn't yet done his part of the entrance room, either, and I really need him to do it. I don't do heights at all, so washing and then painting the ceiling is for him to do. It's not a ceiling that you can do from the floor with a long handled roller, too many little corners to get to.
 I'm still un-cluttering a bit at a time also. Hard to go through piles of art related things, tho. You find pictures saved for this or that, art started and left, tons of ephemera to be sorted and saved, art magazines that make you sit down and start reading and then the piles remain! I'm just not organized anymore. I did much better when I worked and had just so much time to do anything! Have to learn to stay off  FB when I decide to work at anything, too! Once you get on there you can count on losing at least a hour for sure! But I love it! And I have to be wary of blog hopping, too, I'll lose a whole entire day to that!!
 The ragged piece of so-called art I'm going to show is one of those things I came across while sorting out a pile. This wasn't meant to be art. I keep a old larger paperback book on the table to use for protection when gluing, painting smaller items or as a protective sheet when working in a journal or found words books or something. Use it for just cleaning a pen or paint brush, also. Somewhere along the line, I just started another face and as time went on, kept playing with her. Now I found her buried in a pile and wondered why she wasn't thrown in the trash bucket. So being me, I layed her down and decided to just play some more before I gave her the toss. She has so many layers of different media that she's starting to flake off! As usual, I ended up with too big wonky eyes. Don't know why I continue to always do that. There's only one reason I even show this. It because there's a hint of a break-through with her! And the break-through is that for the first time I can actually see the beginning of some contouring in her face! I have never got out of the flat face mode but maybe, just maybe, I'm beginning to! So maybe all this playing on scraps is actually starting to pay off! Now if only I wouldn't do wonky eyes that always look the same! Truth is, I didn't even notice that parts of her were pretty nifty until I considered her played with enough and let drift down into the trash can. As she landed, I happened to look down and thought, h'mmm, I think she might have some good beginnings of facial features. Now she's back out so I could scan her to show. She seems to have a life of her own so now rather than let her be trashed, I'll save her for a journal or collage or something someday. No, not going back in the pile; she's going in a drawer of  'someday I might use this' stuff! And if I don't ever use her, oh well, she's had her day in the spot light and served a purpose.
          Guess my scan is rather dark, she does look better sitting beside me.....colors are more real than here. Maybe the bigger version of the picture is better, I haven't looked.  But oh well, I dared to show something! Yea for me!                                                                

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS to EVERYONE! Wishing you peace, health, love and exactly what you need to make you content!
       This was myself and baby sister way back when, after a long Christmas Day of Santa, food, relatives & fun! I think we were sleepy and tired of picture taking!                                    

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Found Words

I wanted to come and put up another 'Found Words' page to start getting in the habit of posting more regular again. I've been busy on FB with some old friends and family just having a 'hoot' remembering our childhood and what a truly magical place we grew up in. Too bad you don't realize that until you're too old to go back and live it some more! Of course, the old stomping grounds and places we roamed don't stay the same, either. It's really a shame, but none the less, we're having such fun remembering and sharing photo's, teasing and catching up. There  was a slew of us from a 'location' of 15 houses and the world was ours back then! The computer can be a wonderful tool to keep in touch with everyone; almost like showing old home movies of good times!
 But the reason I came on was just to post a page from a found words book. That was about 2 hours ago! I had to peek at my dashboard, then at who made some posts I hadn't seen in a while, then some graphics to save and then I landed on Lynne Hoppe's blog and wonderful paintings!! I got lost there for a while, I tell ya! I just adore her style of painting and drawing so much! I could look at her faces all day long, they just do 'something' to me.....I think they feel like me.
 So now it's late and my ever faithful tiny doggy is letting me know we should be heading for bed. She doesn't know I'm not sitting here forgetting bedtime, I'm getting hundreds of images in my head, followed by ideas chasing them, which means it'll be a while before I go to sleep! Besides that, I get to start a new book to read tonight when I do get to my bed! There's something just exciting to me to end a book one night and start a fresh new one to read the next! Sometimes I do have to wait a couple nights before starting a new book because the last one was so good, it lingers a while!
 The 'Found Words' page I'm going to show, is again not meant to be good art. It's just relaxing and meditative to me to search out the words to save and then just do some sort of art to block out the unwanted words on the page. No rules, right or wrong, just simply cross them out or blot them out with some form of doodling, zentangling, practice art, colors, whatever!! I only show it because it is fun and even tho' there are multitudes of mistakes in today's picture, it's still a assignment in showing the good and the bad. It's a very very hard thing for me to do.
       As usual, I played with this one too much. She was better when I just had had her in pencil with a touch of color. But, nope, I just had to keep on. This is page # 8 in the Inspirational Verses calender I'm using.
I do have more to show from another book but I keep forgetting to get them scanned.
 Maybe I'll be back tomorrow. We'll see; depends on whether or not I get going on a big project I want to do. I have a hard time starting things, I worry over them and procrastinate, re-think my idea a hundred times and finally get to it. Then after all that it usually never ever ends up the way I envisioned.  Oh well, such is my life! I doubt I'll ever change.                                                            

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Altered Pages with Found Words

I did promise I'd come back and show some pictures of something! I searched for envelopes that I've sent but I can't seem to find one I didn't show and sorry to say that one I was really proud of, was sent and I forgot to take a picture first! Oh well, there will be more, I hope!
 In the meantime I'm still doing found words and altered pages. I have several books I'm working playing in so I'm just going to show some from the latest book I picked up. Sorry to say it's not great art! There's couple I shouldn't even show but as I said way back, It's good to show complete goofs along with the good. The altered pages / found words are mostly for fun or trying an idea. The designs never have straight lines or perfectly matched designs because I don't do these seriously. I carry them with me and while sitting in the car, watching a game or playing on the computer, i just play in these books.
 This one I'll be showing 7 pages from what is one of those "Bible Promises for each day" flip booklet. It was at the thrift shop for .25 and just looked interesting for art purposes. I can't stop picking up books to play in!!

 so here they are:
This one is probably my favorite so far in this book. I do wish I had tried a bit harder to get the checks right because I think it was looking kind of cool except for messing up the pattern. It did block out the words nicely just leaving the Found Words I liked. I have a bad habit of getting carried away and all of a sudden looking down to see that I've drawn a line right through a word I meant to keep! So on this one I used some laminating glaze to see if it would protect the words and it did but it also made the ink run a bit, which doesn't really look bad. Somehow I listed the pictures in the wrong order, if it matters, but this is actually page #7.
 This is the first page. This was just done with no design in mind ahead of time so it just evolved into this. There weren't too many words to have to hide. This was just a "La-La-La" design while playing Words With Friends on face book! Not great but not bad.
 This is the 2nd page and I pretty much flubbed it. This was a blank page and so I added a word of my own. Then tried a new Zentangle pattern and as I said completely botched it. I had a sort of design in mind but bad just went to worse so I quit. I even got carried away shading and didn't leave the right highlights. Oh well, It kept my mind occupied for a while!
 This the 3rd page and I quit because I just wasn't making it come together in a way I liked. So eventually someday I'll go back and work it some more to finish. On the Found Words I used Diamond Glaze this time to protect and highlight the words.
 This is page 4 and I scanned it crooked! But all in all this didn't turn out too bad. I seem to not pay attention when shading and the book causing me to continue shadow in the wrong places. I'll get that right when I do this more seriously, I hope.
 This is page 5. I shouldn't even show it but oh well. This started out as balls with a stripe and then I made them into eye balls but the shapes were all wrong. So then I went back and tried to fix the shapes so they'd be more like eyes but it was just too time consuming and a lot were beyond fixing I quit! Another total Flub!
        This is page #6 and the same story here....I got carried away and forgot what I was doing and completely flubbed the design! Good thing I don't do this for pay or I'd starve! I'll try this one another time on a different page and maybe get it right.   

  So there! I posted again without going away for 6 months and I even finally showed some sort of art!! Yea for me!                        

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Too Long

I have such good intentions to get back to blogging more often and then I just seem to lose my way. Mostly I just feel like I have nothing worthwhile to say and nothing art wise or interesting to show. I can spends days browsing other blogs or playing on FB but just ignore my blog even when it calls to me.
 I had good intentions of starting again in my last post and was going to chronicle a life changing journey I was about to embark on. Well, I did go on the journey, I did do a lot of hard work but nope, I didn't even even post a thing about it! Sorry, I didn't mean to leave anyone who cared, hanging. As it turns out, I did 6 months of work, learning and getting more excited for my big life changing day to arrive! And then......BAM ! As usually happens in my life, 2 to 3 weeks before the much anticipated day, it all came to a stunning screeching halt and I was totally devastated. That was way back in September and after spending time crying, cussing, kicking myself and having evil thoughts toward others, I'm now finally about over it and giving myself until after Jan.1 to decide what to do.
 What I embarked upon had nothing to do with art although I was going to journal each day and didn't do that either. I wish I had. Nothing to do with art but everything to do with that dreaded word....WEIGHT and the damage it can do to your health and even worse your state of mind and self-worth. Most of my life I've dealt with being over-weight. Never by a whole lot until having 2 babies and a string of bad marriages and divorces and then bouts of depression and age creeping up and up. For at least 15 years I studied and longed to have the bariatric bypass surgery so I could stop the yo-yo dieting syndrome and have a life I longed for. For several reasons, usually money and insurance, I could never do it. I started once about 9 years ago, only to get started with a wonderful surgeon, start a few med. tests, get terribly excited and then shot down when the insurance wouldn't cover the surgery. Now I had insurance again that would cover and I decided I better do this while I still could. I had to travel nearly 100 miles 1 way to the hospital and bariatric center once or twice a month, luckily they networked with my family Dr. here for med checks and weighing, also any lab tests that needed to be done so it saved a lot of driving and gas money. There are many different places and centers for this surgery but my insurance would only cover for 2 places and both were accredited centers of excellence with very strict 6 month long programs to get qualified and have a surgery date set! Other programs go faster and are not as strict but then they don't have such a high record of completion without problems.
 Well, as I said I made to the very end and a problem for me did crop up and bite me. Again it all had to do with money. I sure wish every little thing worthwhile didn't revolve around that green stuff. It just doesn't seem fair. It doesn't seem fair that you can spend 6 months with a bunch of lovely helpful medical people who do care but then when it does come down to the 'green', it's a tear with a hug and it's been nice to see you, come back if you find that pot of gold! My downfall was with a psychologist. Yes, you do have to meet with a psychologist and testing; if you're really lucky (and LIE ) you can get passed through with just the 1 visit. Well, I didn't avoid some of the questions good enough and with a history of yo-yo dieting and being married and divorced too many times, they decided I needed to see another psychologist. Now, honestly, I didn't mind that and MAYBE I needed it (but I doubt it) but here's the insurance wouldn't pay for the psychologist visits even tho they were mandatory to the program and insurance rules for this surgery. Go figure. So the 1 st visit alone was $600.00 out of pocket as included testing and then a  session. Now that might not seem like a hefty amount to some people but it's way over my head. So when he suggested I see the 2nd Dr. I wasn't too agreeable but I thought, oh well, what's another $300, I'll do it so I can get over with and move on toward a surgery date. Anther trip all the way down and within 15 minutes of being with this Dr., she informs me that I don't see her for 1 session it's 3 sessions for sure and possibly more. Ya, see? The 1st Dr. failed to tell me of that nifty piece of information! So this 2nd session became a session of her and I butting heads as she said I had to have 3 and most likely 6, maybe more and me saying it wasn't going to happen! That was another $300 wasted fighting after only 15 minutes of questioning about home life and husbands! I finally got it through her head that I had NO money, not even to make payments on what these sessions would cost. Not to mention that at my age (I'm no spring chicken anymore, I've dealt with all my problems, many more than she was ever going to be told! Yes, I'm not perfect, I have depression and anxiety issues but I'm here, not crazy, not a drinker, not a druggy and I'm too old to deal with life issues now way in the past!) and  still she wasn't HEARING me. Is there something plainly funny about psychologists who don't HEAR what you're saying? She didn't get the joke when I told her she wasn't hearing me. So, I left, walked out without making another appointment and started to fret all the way home that she wouldn't pass me through.
As it turned out, she didn't not pass me through nor hold me back. She just reported that because of a monetary issue I felt I couldn't complete her sessions. 1 week later she QUITS and leaves the practice! After my last Dr. visit here and just before my last visit down to the hospital to finalize everything, get ready to start the 2 week  presurgical diet and set a date, I called to talk with the director and make sure we weren't forgetting anything. I was so excited, I just can't express how much!! She brought up the psychologist visits and I reminded her what happened and no I hadn't called the head Dr. back because no matter what there was NO MONEY! She says she better talk with him and have him call me the next morning with a decision. I stayed awake all night fretting because this was going to set the final steps and bring all to reality or to a squealing stop. I spoke with him, I explained everything, I told him I had already told HIM I couldn't afford more sessions but at my age I didn't see a problem! He didn't see things my way so I lost all dignity, started bawling like a baby and then begged him to please pass me through, this was my last chance for this surgery (there is a age limit). His answer.....he was sorry but he couldn't do that and I'd have to see someone for 2 more sessions for sure or a counselor for even more. I just said, through a snotty drippy nose and tears, thank you for not understanding and further ruining my life & hung up. That was the end of that. I called the director back and asked her to cancel my next app't in 2 days and said it was all over. She did feel bad and later I did have notes from the nutritionist and PT gal, they were very upset over it all and they are the main ones who know the work you've done and changes made.
 So by now I should be on here telling my post surgery progress and should be at least 50 or more pounds lighter, able to walk a long ways, make my elliptical fly and fit into new clothes I had waiting. NOT! As this started, by New Years I hope to have my head back on straight and a decision on what diet to do this time but hopefully with lasting results. Right now I just can't seem to care either way but I'm getting there.
In the meantime, I do hope to start blogging again and I don't have much artsy stuff to show but maybe I'll at least show just some "Found Words" pages. I might have a envelope that I haven't shared, too. I did do a envelope for a friend and I really was proud of it and yes, I mailed it off and forgot to scan it first!! I couldn't believe I did that! yes I can....but you know.....
 So, I'm really back this time, really! I have managed to peek in from time to time on some of you but I am way behind on that too. Just blame it on Words With Friends and other fun FB games! They do keep me sane!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm Back!

I lost my way for a long while, I guess! Hard to realize that I actually let this go for just over a whole year. Not even sure I know how that happened. Can't say I did a whole lot in that year other than to grow older! I believe I can blame GAMES on FB for taking up a whole lot of my time; can't complain too much about that tho' as I love playing games with friends & family and competing against each other.
Now, I'll still play some but I need to start metering my time much better. I haven't done a whole lot of anything art-wise in that time either. Think I might have 1 or 2 mail art pieces to show that actually got finished and sent. I have a stack of cards and envelopes waiting for me to get to it!! I promised my sister she would get one for her B'day no matter how late it was.....that was in April. I did do some 'Found Words' pages and have been brave enough to show that book and the yet unfinished Fantasy altered book to a few friends and even my Family Dr.! I only showed the 'Found Words' book to the DR., I had a reason for doing so and besides I take it with me so I can fiddle with it while waiting. I was pleasantly surprised when he was completely taken with it, the words, the art and the whole concept of an altered book. I explained how 'Found Words' can actually be very therapeutic while showing him the story I had started but not yet finished and then just the random pages. He had never heard of altering books. I forget not everyone loves art or the many aspects of it. And then, believe it or not, I actually showed it to a Psychologist who thought the idea was wonderful but I guess he either just didn't 'get it' or didn't want to to take the time to really look. I suppose doing therapy on yourself and saving $300.00 an hour didn't sound good to him! I'll tell about why I had to see him in a post to come. So anyway, no painting that I can think of, no more totems finished and now the itch to find my way back to it really needs to be scratched!
 I have decided that the totem glass has to go! It takes up too much space and too much time. Trying to sell them here is also time consuming and most just want free directions so they can make their own. Maybe I price too low and should try pricing at $75 to $100+ and see what happens! No matter, I want the glass out of here. Yesterday I did work on one that needed fixing and a part re-glued. Had it all washed and the section fixed and glued back in place. It was still on the pipe and inserted into a  (upside down crate so the pipe can insert into a hole)milk crate to dry! I warned Rocket not to stomp anywhere near the totem and walk softly when going past! Later in the evening I was on here...actually looking at some blogs and catching up on gathering some awesome graphics, when the phone rang and startled me. I pushed my chair back too fast and jumped up for the phone and CRASH! There went the totem, just missing my head! I take that as a omen my feelings are correct to follow and stop doing the totems!  LOL! That's the first one I crashed! Now I have to re-work the short section I just fixed! Luckily just a clear glass bowl broke into pieces but getting all the broken glass off now to replace it should be fun. 2 years outside in the weather and I smash it in the house!
 So my plan is to start blogging more again and get back to doing the art I like. I'll be cleansing the art room of all the crafty things and items I don't want or need any more and then maybe it won't be so cluttered and overwhelming when I sit down to do something. I just want to get back to painting 'stuff' and learning more drawing. I also have a idea swimming around in my brain but I'm scared to try it. Ever since I saw the paintings (LOON) SHARON did on a cabinet door, I've been thinking about this. In the entrance / laundry room there are old cabinets with tall doors. The walls need painting bad as do the cabinets. That room also holds the water heater and furnace (boiler) so there are pipes and such in the way. I did go as far as nearly making the color choices and bought some curtains and a rug to match. They all SIT because of this idea.....I'm thinking the walls are old and not in great shape anyway, so why not maybe do a mixed media collage right directly on the walls? I just can't decide how to start; maybe just gluing on some newsprint first or slip-slap some old paint on and then start adding some print? Anyone have some ideas....easy, cheap ideas? It's a tiny room and just partial walls.
 This is getting long so I'll quit for tonight. I mostly just wanted to say "hi" and that I'm back. I did keep up a little bit with a few of you but have a lot of catching up to do. Maybe tomorrow I'll get back on and start on another item I want and need to blog about. Maybe blogging it will help me stay the course and might even help someone else who is going the same direction I am or thinking about it.
Wonder what it could be?