Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This is part of my yard in June and July....

Below is part of my yard early this morning! The wind is still blowing and the snow continues to fall this afternoon.

Looking out the patio doors

I don't know how much snow there is so far. It's hard to measure because the wind is sustaining at 20 to 30 mph, so it's blowing drifting. I would guess about 8 to 10 inches. The school kids have their first Snow Day of the season pretty early!
I'm just going to hibernate until late April!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Boy, I'll tell ya, if ideas were like money, I'd be RICH! Unfortunately, some of my ideas and visions cost too much, are too involved or just plain don't work. Now this one would work but I need a certain 'Man of the House' to help with the very end and hardest part. So far he refuses, so these shoes sit here and will probably end up in the flower garden or maybe given away as a gift. I haven't decided because I really want them to go where I wanted them to go! Not like I'm stubborn or anything! ((giggle)).
You've seen Shoe trees and Arrow trees out in the country or along a road somewhere? They intrigue me. I decided that in a small Industrial park right near us, where there's a little holding pond (when there's any rain) and surrounded by trees and a few dead snags that it would be perfect to do some sort of art and hang it from a night when no one was around, just throw it up and let hang down, then see if anyone even notices. Watch to see if it stays there, gets taken down or maybe someone else will add more to another branch. I don't want it to be tacky, I want it to be a point of  wonder and fun! With my luck the City will figure out it was me and give me a ticket for littering or something. That's my luck.
I need help with the throwing part, these would be tied together and then thrown so it loops over a branch and hangs down. I can't throw or aim worth a toot!
Anyway, I did collage stuff on a pair of leather boys shoes. They're completely covered and the soles have glow-in-the-dark paint on them. I didn't paint the inside because I was thinking maybe a bird would build a nest in them or something. They could just sit on the deck steps or on the garden rocks planted with flowers, also.
So here's the shoes:

this isn't the greatest picture. I tried with the camera but they didn't turn out at all so I scanned instead. I had good pictures and lost them in the computer switch-a-roo. I can't take pics outside because it's cold and snowing. This shoe is covered with Paper Illusions wall paper, some paint, some swirls, jewels, a boy, mushroom and wand from Lisa's Art again, alcohol ink on the sides, metallic paint here and there and water color pencil for shadow. The swirls I cut from scrap, the butterfly is a print and there's also some swirls stamped on as well.

The glow paint isn't on this sole yet.

This one is covered with torn strips of holographic gift wrap, glued and covered with Mod Podge. It also has all sorts of images and definitions, assorted paints, and the bottom sole is covered with glow paint. It has layers of Mod Podge & varnish for protection.

That's it for today. It's time to start supper and get ready to watch Packer football tonight! We have friends driving to Green Bay for the game. I can tell you right now it's going to be COLD, windy and snowing on Lambeau Field. I'll be in front of the TV with food and wrapped in a blanket! You couldn't pay me to sit outside tonight; well, maybe for a million or so, I might get stuffed into a snowmobile suit, don the swampers and set a Klondike cap on my head over the face mask! Couldn't drink anything though because going to the bathroom could be a nightmare! Gonna be football, Wisconsin style tonight!! Go PACK!!