Saturday, December 26, 2009

2 more Altered Pages

I finished 2 more pages in the Altered Pages...or found words pages last night. I started the background around the words on the next 2 pages and maybe I'll get them finished today.
That's my plan for today, to work on art. Meaning no cooking, no dishes, just relax and do art.
Our snow storm ended today. We had snow, sleet, rain and more snow. Now the temps are dropping so we're going from fluffy snow, to wet snow and back to crunchy snow. The sun was shining this morning making pretty DIAMOND snow sparkling away but I couldn't a picture to come out right so no picture! I like when the smooth snow sparkles like diamonds.
The found words continue:

Page 9

Page 10

Monday, December 21, 2009

Altered Pages

I did a few more pages in the Altered Pages book. I went in the art room to do completely different things and well, you know how it goes. I sat down, picked up this book, happened to get an idea and there I sat. So much for anything Christmasy at all. This isn't at all happy art nor Christmasy so if it'll ruin your mood, don't look until a later date. I'm not feeling very happy this year nor in the holiday spirit but I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone else.
I had already shown the beginning of this story way at the beginning of this blog, so you can go back to earlier posts to see any changes. I decided to start all over and show what I have done in this series of pages so far because I did go back and do a bit more to a couple pages. Maybe not noticeable but still thought I'd show them again from the beginning.

The beginning of this story. Page 1

2nd page. Remember to click on the photo for a bigger view.
I can see I didn't crop these very well. I'm still learning the scanner and I get in a hurry and forget some steps sometimes.

3rd page, one that I went back and added images to.

page 4 not shown, page 5 is on left, a 1/2 page fold.
Page 6 on the right is a page I think I showed but went back and added images and some shadows. I didn't like it before, now I do. It was actually supposed to be a page divided in half but now as it turns out it's more of a single page.

Page 7 is a new page. I've gone ahead several pages and found words and now went back and covered unwanted script and added a image. Sometimes I sit with this book and can't find a word, let alone a thought. Other times I find what I want on page after page so I keep the words and go back later to work the page.

Page 8. I found the words, then several weeks later did the art to cover unwanted script. I wasn't pleased at all. Last night I went back, added the image, played with the art some more and now it's more to my liking. It was too happy before for this story. This story is mine, it has to be able to at least come close to conveying the feelings at the time. I didn't set out to find these words, they were on the page and needed me to let them out. They are feelings I try to keep hidden in the past. Sometimes it's just too hard.