Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I  don't have art to show again today. I could probably dig around and find something but it can wait. I did work on some mail art last night while watching a movie ( The Secret lives of Bee's ). I only did the front of the envelope because it took me so long to come up with an idea I liked. Tonight I'll do the back, have the design in mind, just not sure how I want to do it. Because there's been a quite recent change in the life of the intended mail recipient, I think I might change the design as I had it set in my mind. I wanted to try something new, too, but I'm balking because I sure can't ruin a piece being done on an envelope with the card already sealed inside!
Anyway, thanks to all for the comments on my art and what I have to say. I hope to continue blogging in the new year and maybe even get better at it as I learn how to do better posts, pictures and so forth.
I don't usually make a New Year's resolution because I always break it  but if I wanted to try one, I'd say, once again, to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF and to do some art EVERY DAY! The weight part is a must.

And speaking of ART every day; The wonderful, most exciting, whimsical Sharon of Norah'S will be holding a video class showing how she paints her girly faces!!!
It will be on NING and probably sometime later in January! I'm so excited that I can barely contain myself!! I did tell Rocket that a class is coming up and no matter what it costs I wanted it to be my Christmas gift!!! So watch here for info, if you don't already:  and if you haven't seen Sharon's work or her blog be prepared to be in for a charming treat! I sure hope I have what supplies I'll need on hand. That is going to be a wonderful start to the new year!!!

And to end the year....a BLUE MOON! How amusing is that? I haven't looked out tonight, not sure if we can even see much of the moon as we have clouds and snow on a freezing night, again. However, I did spend time viewing the moon last night a couple times when I had Ebony (teeny dog) out to do her thing. It was a very eerie but yet gorgeous was enveloped in a deep tunnel of broken wavy clouds and created a reddish gold glowing halo. Hard to describe but I hope others in this area got to gaze at it. It was quite amazing. I can never get a good picture because we have a street light across the street too close and it ruins the picture.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog Hopping or Stalking

I don't have a picture to show this morning but I did just have a thought roaming about in this head. Is blog hopping really a form of stalking if you continually go to your favorite blogs more than once a day or on a schedule every day? Just kidding, but really, isn't it?
Here's my routine every morning and trust me, I get cranky if  I can't follow it, unless I'm the one who decides to change it! I'm not a morning person at all; I can't get up and just hop to things for the day; if I get up early I get morning sickness, really, I get dizzy, have dry heaves and a headache! The few times in my life where I worked morning shifts were not pleasant beginnings. I get my bearings and come to life at noon or later. It's not a good thing that the world is timed opposite of me!
I get up, stumble to the bathroom and do that whole routine, go directly to the kitchen for the morning pills (old age) and then turn to the coffee pot, hoping the husband hasn't drained the pot before I get the last cup (because he arises around 5:30 which is middle of the night to me). I then usually start another pot of coffee and head for the computer, cup in hand.
First, I check e-mails and note anything that needs attention.
Next is checking in on my special fairy girls, see if there are new posts and how they all are.
Third is going to my blog and see if I had any comments or even any visitors. I decide then if I want to hear music or not. If I need it to wake up and get myself in the right mood, I turn the volume up and let my music play. If I need quiet a bit longer I turn the volume down on the speakers because I'm usually hopping over to others from my page.
Then, usually in the same order every morning I go visit my most favorite blogs and anticipate what wonders will open up! I visit 4 or 5 usually in the same order and then from those I might choose new blog links to peek at or I go back to mine and peek in on more of the blogs I visit regularly and maybe pick a new one from each of them, too.
By now it's a 3rd cup of coffee, I have too many ideas starting to chase each other in this over-loaded head, and I need to go tend to the e-mails and do any business things that need doing. Now it's 10:30 or so and I'm not dressed, but it's time to think about starting the laundry or other household things; I might even decide it's time to have actual conversations with the husband. If all else fails and I still don't feel like starting the day, I go back and check the fav blogs again, check the Fairies again and maybe play a card game until I know I have to get busy.
Later, I'll come back to get on the computer if I need to hunt images from a folder or something along those lines, and might sneak a peek at my blog or fav blogs again if I was anticipating a post being made.
I love my computer! I'd marry it but it has a dark side that makes me think of ex-husbands; not always loving, fun and easy to get along with! I live with depression and anxiety; some days I feel pretty good and manage just fine. Other days, I can't go out in public, don't want to see anyone (it's more I don't want anyone seeing ME). In the Summer, I love to spend mornings on the deck, watching birds, looking at the flowers, looking at magazines, reading or doodling but if too many folks are walking by and wanting to talk, I have to go back inside. Sometimes, it's 2 or 3 weeks before I can make myself go to the grocery store; I get ready but then can't go out the door. I know it's silly but it's how I am. So I love the computer. I can go where I want, talk if I want, look at things I love and even learn a thing or two! I can tell about myself but don't have the worries of anyone seeing me. I can be myself on here where as in real life it's too real life I'm not sure who I am. I lived my life to please others for too long and now I still try to fight that, become myself and be allowed do the things I love.

So I got off the topic; but what's the answer? Blog hopping for enjoyment and a learning experience or stalking?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One more Altered page/found words

I only have 1 page to show today. After this I need to continue to find words all the way to the end and be done with this story. When all the art is done I'll decide if it stays in this book or if I'll take these pages out and put then into their own book; which is what I'm leaning toward. We'll see, I may change my mind a hundred times before doing anything. It's that this a Readers Digest Condensed Book I'm working in. It has 4 different stories, meaning that for each section the words to be found change considerably. This section is the only one I'm trying to do as a complete story on it's own. The rest of the book is just doing a page where ever a word catches my eye as I browse the pages, I don't do them in order. I usually leave this on the coffee table along with some doodle sketch books and a container of markers and pens. While watching the games, races or a not so great movie, I play in these books or look for words. Sometimes, I push it all to the side, grab a stack of magazines, catalogs and junk mail, a trash container and just make a mess clipping and tearing images I might use some way, some how.
So here's the picture of a page I did yesterday. Today I fully intend to do some mail art that needs to get done and then I think I'm actually going to clear the table of paper scraps for a bit and haul out the paints.....if they haven't all dried up!

I read on another blog about using a CLEAR Sukura Gel pen as a resist. Of course, I don't have a clear but decided for this I'd try a WHITE Sukura Gel pen and see what happens. While searching for something or another, I spied the neglected container of  twinkling H20's. I picked out 4 colors and used them to go over the entire background. They worked out great! I always love the shimmer with these paints although I don't think it shows in the scan. I don't know why the container gets shoved where I don't have these ready at hand. Well, I do know, TOO MUCH STUFF! That's the other thing I'll be working on; packing up boxes of supplies to be sold on eBay and other boxes to be given away or sent to friends who need what I don't need! It would be nice to start the new year on a cleaner, neater, less congested work space.
Note: The stone angel on this page came from ART FREEBIES

Monday, December 28, 2009

More Altered Pages/Found Words

I did 4 more pages in the altered pages/found words book over the week end. Before I show them I have to tell about an idea I had that went wrong.
I was wondering what I could do to protect the found words on a page so that it would be easier to do art on the page without having to stop and go around the words or get carried away and draw right over a word! I read somewhere on another blog about using water colour mask. I went to the small local office supply where they carry a small assortment of supplies and found 2 types of mask. The price wasn't great but thought I'd get both to see which I liked better. I bought a bottle of Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid and a bottle of Grumbacher Miskit Liquid Friskit. Not giving it any thought, even after reading the labels, I shook the bottles and opened them ready to test and play. I was pleased with how they both worked but took a bad headache so put them away and left the art room for a while. The next evening I got them out again and was going to try one more experiment before using them on a page. This time I had a horrid headache starting, my mouth, teeth & tongue were tingling & burning, my eyes burning and watering. Yes, you guessed it, a full blown allergy attack! Had I even been in the right mind I would've remembered that earlier this year I ran out of fabric band-aids and used some latex band-aids instead and it wasn't long before I was burning and itching where the bandage was. Now I do have allergies, but latex never bothered me until the band-aid episode and now I can't get near latex. So much for the Masking, it's liquid latex and as soon as I open the bottle and get a smell, the headache and tingling start (yes, I had to try it a couple more times just to be sure ). I guess I'll have to come up with another idea. Darn allergies! I really like the masking!

Here's the pages I finished last night. Hopefully I scanned the pages better this time.

page 11

page 12

page 13

page 14
I'm not sure how many more pages there will be. I have 3 more with words found but the story pages I'm using are changing so the words are harder to find to finish my story. Maybe I'll have to wait and find another book and story to get the final words to finish my story. I'm considering removing these pages and putting them in their own little book.