Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Learning by Scrap Art

Nothing exciting or earth shattering to share today. Pretty much seems to be the norm. I am trying to start the entrance project but somehow having no place to put anything out of the way and trying to work around a husband just isn't being productive. He'll be gone all day and evening tomorrow so maybe if I put my mind to it, I can make some headway! Trouble is, I always have a hundred things lined up for when he might be G. O. N. E. for a day! He hasn't yet done his part of the entrance room, either, and I really need him to do it. I don't do heights at all, so washing and then painting the ceiling is for him to do. It's not a ceiling that you can do from the floor with a long handled roller, too many little corners to get to.
 I'm still un-cluttering a bit at a time also. Hard to go through piles of art related things, tho. You find pictures saved for this or that, art started and left, tons of ephemera to be sorted and saved, art magazines that make you sit down and start reading and then the piles remain! I'm just not organized anymore. I did much better when I worked and had just so much time to do anything! Have to learn to stay off  FB when I decide to work at anything, too! Once you get on there you can count on losing at least a hour for sure! But I love it! And I have to be wary of blog hopping, too, I'll lose a whole entire day to that!!
 The ragged piece of so-called art I'm going to show is one of those things I came across while sorting out a pile. This wasn't meant to be art. I keep a old larger paperback book on the table to use for protection when gluing, painting smaller items or as a protective sheet when working in a journal or found words books or something. Use it for just cleaning a pen or paint brush, also. Somewhere along the line, I just started another face and as time went on, kept playing with her. Now I found her buried in a pile and wondered why she wasn't thrown in the trash bucket. So being me, I layed her down and decided to just play some more before I gave her the toss. She has so many layers of different media that she's starting to flake off! As usual, I ended up with too big wonky eyes. Don't know why I continue to always do that. There's only one reason I even show this. It because there's a hint of a break-through with her! And the break-through is that for the first time I can actually see the beginning of some contouring in her face! I have never got out of the flat face mode but maybe, just maybe, I'm beginning to! So maybe all this playing on scraps is actually starting to pay off! Now if only I wouldn't do wonky eyes that always look the same! Truth is, I didn't even notice that parts of her were pretty nifty until I considered her played with enough and let drift down into the trash can. As she landed, I happened to look down and thought, h'mmm, I think she might have some good beginnings of facial features. Now she's back out so I could scan her to show. She seems to have a life of her own so now rather than let her be trashed, I'll save her for a journal or collage or something someday. No, not going back in the pile; she's going in a drawer of  'someday I might use this' stuff! And if I don't ever use her, oh well, she's had her day in the spot light and served a purpose.
          Guess my scan is rather dark, she does look better sitting beside me.....colors are more real than here. Maybe the bigger version of the picture is better, I haven't looked.  But oh well, I dared to show something! Yea for me!