Saturday, December 26, 2009

2 more Altered Pages

I finished 2 more pages in the Altered Pages...or found words pages last night. I started the background around the words on the next 2 pages and maybe I'll get them finished today.
That's my plan for today, to work on art. Meaning no cooking, no dishes, just relax and do art.
Our snow storm ended today. We had snow, sleet, rain and more snow. Now the temps are dropping so we're going from fluffy snow, to wet snow and back to crunchy snow. The sun was shining this morning making pretty DIAMOND snow sparkling away but I couldn't a picture to come out right so no picture! I like when the smooth snow sparkles like diamonds.
The found words continue:

Page 9

Page 10


Emelie said...

Good morning, we have the weather you describe except no snow as of yet today. Even a bit of sun.
I was wondering if at times you need breaks from your journal. I did some of that last Christmas for my daughters and even tho pleasant I had to take breaks as I did a lot of thinking of years gone while doing this work.

I was struck today by how nice the loops look on the blocked words, I find that attractive on the page.

I wish that I had known about altered books when I did home visits and talked to women a lot about their lives. There were some that were willing to do art work if I did it with them and the children. It is such good therapy and I find that everyday, I feel better with some art in the day.

I always wonder why I think birds are such a wonderful part of art work?


jennakayfrancis said...

Your work makes me want to give you big hugs and take you away to someplace as special and wonderful and loving as you are.

Star said...

Thanks, Jenna. You are ever so sweet and you do know where these words and thoughts come from as well as myself. I want them gone.

Emelie, yes, this would've been a great therapy to do on your home visits. I've never needed to take a break because I haven't done these found words or altered pages for very long. As for the words coming out now, I sure didn't look for them, they just sort of jumped out and continue. I'm thinking maybe it was just meant to be and maybe now I can bring them out, put them in their place and be done with the thoughts. It certainly has brought unpleasant memories and I might take a break and do something else soon. If the darn pages hadn't beckoned to me the other night again, I sure wouldn't be doing them over the holidays. I guess there's a purpose somehow, for some reason.
Repetitive design, if only squiggly lines or swirls are relaxing....don't have to worry about being exact in this kind of art. Good thing because I started a background print on the next page last night, finished it today, and I was rather taken with it! THEN, I got the smart idea to add color and promptly ruined the whole page. Oh well, so it goes. When I add a image I'll show it anyway.

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