Monday, January 18, 2010


I decided that this year I would finally take some on-line classes and try to learn a thing or 2 or 3. Funds are way short so I have to be choosy even though I'd like to take a whole bunch.
I signed up already on Ning for one painting class which I haven't done yet for lack of the right supplies, I just ordered supplies and will sign up for the Shades of Grey with Pam Carriker as soon as my package arrives. And then this Friday will sign up to take the new class with Sharon of All Norah'S Art. Yes, the much anticipated class is about to unfold and in her honor for all her diligent hard work answering our pleas for a class, I've even changed my music to go along with her blog post announcing the class!! Wanna-be face painters are dancing in their seats in anticipation!!! The gang's all here......roll out the barrel!!
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Emelie said...

Hi: it has been a busy day, anyway excitement makes me feel busy, it is just a head thing.
Your right I was so thrilled to see the loon at Nora's this morning, I gasped and laughed plus felt really good.

Thanks for liking my posts, that makes a person feel good also. I would be in a terrible slump if it weren't for this art stuff to do and think about.

I want to try somethings without much color, and I have only end up doing a lot of color anyway,

Your going to be really busy, aren't you happy about it and the thrill of all there is to learn? There is always more.
Onto something now, maybe seeing if I can take all the color out of a flower and leaving it alone. Ha Ha. Emelie

Sharon said...

Your are so sweet and so funny. The music! Thanks you make me happy.

joyfulploys said...

I saw your blog link at Emelie's site. I also saw your name at Sharon's ning workshop. I am excited about getting started on the class. Nice to find you, I'll check out your blog a little further.

Emelie said...

I came by to say hi: so glad to see you are All Nora's Art. I am not quite sure how to do friend connect, I will tho. You know I had forgotten I had given information to the site before registration so I thought I had to start all over and it was hanging me up yesterday. My own fault and I knew that in the beginning it was my fault just couldn't figure out which fault it was. There is a lot to navigate at the site, takes me time to get really familiar.

I hope to paint today, I am fooling around on the computer too much. Bad weather here rain.

Friend, Emelie

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