Sunday, October 25, 2009

first post

So here comes the scary part, making that first post. I've put it off for several days while setting up the blog and then spent hours wondering how to start and what the heck to say and still wondering why I'm doing this in the first place!
I've given all that some thought and maybe that's where I'll begin after getting this first post out of the way and making sure the world doesn't crash down on me because I dared to send off a post.
So here goes, I'm going to click the publish button.....and then I'm running to hide!
Actually it's near time for GB Packer football and a Nascar race to start and I'm not ready so I have to go.
You'll never know how hard this was!!
Maybe .....maybe, I'll be back tomorrow .


Dragonlady said...

HooRayy, you posted, thats great, now its time to share your beautiful art with the are so talented...
((((( HUGS)))))

snooks said...

WOW!you really hit the jackpot Star.cant wait to see all your beautiful art work.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you did it! You are so talented. I sure hope you'll post some of your beautiful artwork.

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