Friday, October 30, 2009

One Thing Leads to Another

I'm taking a altered book class given by Patty Van Dorin of River Bend Ranch. My first ever class! This class is called Fantasy Folded Altered Book and I highly recommend it to anyone who has never altered a book or has and wants to learn another style. It's easy to follow with many pictures,  Patty is always willing to answer questions and best of all for folks like me, the class is affordable! Here's a link to Patty's blog and a link for the class is on there also. And take a look at patty's wonderful books, journals and assemblage's!
This is my first altered book. It's coming along and as a first book, it has a definite learning curve to it. Hopefully I'll get faster and better on the next one! I'm just going to show 1 double page layout from the Fantasy Folded Altered Book tonight. I'm showing this because I have a friend who's a author of Fantasy books, a much better writer and story teller than she gives herself credit for! and
Now to be honest, I love some Fantasy art and some fantasy things but I don't usually read Fantasy as my every day reading choice, far from it. BUT, Jenna wrote a book ( this book is just 1 of about 30!) that I fell in love with. I was tentative about reading it, but once I opened the book and started on the first page, I was hooked! The name of the book is NITESH, a Fantasy romance with adventure and a touch of the dark,  a White dragon, elves, fairies, and other fantasy people & creatures.
So Back to my picture. As I said, this is a spread in the fantasy Folded altered book and I made it with Jenna and Nitesh on my mind when I found the dragon. The art on the pages doesn't fit the story exactly, and it's a a white dragon heavily shadowed with blue but still, I was thinking of the magnificent Nitesh!

I should say that the art in this altered book is mainly collaged images with a touch of paint , markers, watercolor pencils or caran d'ache crayons. If you click on the pictures they should show a full page view.
So see, one thing leads to another.....

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