Friday, November 6, 2009

Altered Pages

So much for blogging a little each day! I've come down with the dreaded cold so been laying low this week. Thought maybe I'd be real brave and show some pictures from a book I've been "fooling" around in since last Winter when I was laid up with cellulitis and a venous ulcer in my legs. Wasn't much fun but it gave a lot of bed & couch time. So,  much easier than a Altered Book is doing Altered Pages. I grabbed a Readers Digest Condensed Book and have been slowly altering the pages with found words. I usually keep it on the coffee table and then grab it while watching a Packer game or a Nascar race and spend time finding words or taking sharpies and blocking out words. The art isn't intended to be great art; it's mainly just doodles to block out words. Then later I go back to a page and maybe add some image or do further doodling. At this point I can't say that any page is finished. So because this book has 4 different stories, the form and choice of words differ in sections. That doesn't really matter but I found in doing these that one story gave me found words that brought back memories and feelings I tried to bury. It's amazing when doing these pages how certain words will just jump out at you. Just like a form of therapy.
I'm finding it hard to scan these pages to show. So I spent some time trying to learn to scan better and so now I'll see if I got the words to show or not. The print is small and some have a glare because I scanned some after I went in and put a protective coat over the page. I'll never learn to scan first in order to reduce glares.
So here's 2 just random pages that I went back and added images to:

(what's a pretext to a rueful smile?)

(she can't understand this, she just wanted it; reflected on wider implications)
Next starts a different section of the book and this will show the beginning of a series of pages that will tell a story....maybe. These aren't finished but I'll show them anyway:

(terrible secrets of the past, haunted by truth)

monster, the smell, the sound, was terror spun into nightmare. destroyed life; it would be finished)

(a flicker. The monster's here. I had to hide)
(hands shook, didn't speak; there were signs.)
This one (above) actually shows 1 page and a half page

(door shattered; Horror)
This just shows another half page and then a page with only the "found words" and the rest of the page not blocked out yet. Hopefully the words will be readable. I saw they weren't so came back in and added the found words under each image.


Sharon said...

Oh Star, this is such a wonderful art-on-the-couch project. I love finding words. And I agree, how words in a random book has meaning and memories to be found.

Laura said...

I cannot imagine the patience it take to do these! I love your color choices and the patterns you make. The graphics just jump out at you.

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