Monday, December 28, 2009

More Altered Pages/Found Words

I did 4 more pages in the altered pages/found words book over the week end. Before I show them I have to tell about an idea I had that went wrong.
I was wondering what I could do to protect the found words on a page so that it would be easier to do art on the page without having to stop and go around the words or get carried away and draw right over a word! I read somewhere on another blog about using water colour mask. I went to the small local office supply where they carry a small assortment of supplies and found 2 types of mask. The price wasn't great but thought I'd get both to see which I liked better. I bought a bottle of Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid and a bottle of Grumbacher Miskit Liquid Friskit. Not giving it any thought, even after reading the labels, I shook the bottles and opened them ready to test and play. I was pleased with how they both worked but took a bad headache so put them away and left the art room for a while. The next evening I got them out again and was going to try one more experiment before using them on a page. This time I had a horrid headache starting, my mouth, teeth & tongue were tingling & burning, my eyes burning and watering. Yes, you guessed it, a full blown allergy attack! Had I even been in the right mind I would've remembered that earlier this year I ran out of fabric band-aids and used some latex band-aids instead and it wasn't long before I was burning and itching where the bandage was. Now I do have allergies, but latex never bothered me until the band-aid episode and now I can't get near latex. So much for the Masking, it's liquid latex and as soon as I open the bottle and get a smell, the headache and tingling start (yes, I had to try it a couple more times just to be sure ). I guess I'll have to come up with another idea. Darn allergies! I really like the masking!

Here's the pages I finished last night. Hopefully I scanned the pages better this time.

page 11

page 12

page 13

page 14
I'm not sure how many more pages there will be. I have 3 more with words found but the story pages I'm using are changing so the words are harder to find to finish my story. Maybe I'll have to wait and find another book and story to get the final words to finish my story. I'm considering removing these pages and putting them in their own little book.

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Emelie said...

I stopped by to say hello, I also just found out my husband has reactions to latex, he had cut his leg and it had been bandaged for a long time with frequent changes, but the outline of the bandage started look more painful than the cut. I have used the masking fluid also and it is a good product. How would it work to use something wax like a candle over the words and then taking tussue paper and your iron to lift the wax later, The tissue or kleenex laid on the wax and the hot iron do work. I could leave a bit of a shine on the words. A candle with no color would work best. Does rubber cement peel nicely??

I enjoy your pages and can see a lot of work and thought put into them along with heartfelt pain. It takes courage that is for certain to put the pain right in plain site of your own eyes.

I did do some rubbings on tissue paper today, not painting, my daughter is here and I don't see her more than a coupe times a year. My other daugher was here also yesterday and I worked on getting her interested in some journaling and some supplies in an effort for her to have some fun and not work all the time.


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