Saturday, January 30, 2010

Journal Pages, maybe

I'm still working on these pages just a little at a time as I watch TV and such. These are more of the pages that I ripped out of a notebook I had started some journal pages in. So eventually these will get holes punched and be put together in a binder of some sort. I play on them and then set the page to the side until I pick them back up and decide what else I can do on them. Each page started out with 3 small notebook pages glued together. This is the same piece I made the bookmark from. Just thought I'd show a few that are nearly done....I think. More pages of learning what and what not to do.
This one has layers of torn wallpaper and music pages, metallic paints, a napkin for the bunch of grapes and a Alice graphic from a decoupage sheet. I just add writing lines with charcoal or a marker and then wipe most of it back off.

This one started out as a pocket page so I left it as a pocket and just re-glued it. It may need some sewing or staples or something. This has a couple different wall paper pieces, acrylic paints, markers, glitter, torn script and a graphic of a stone angel. I think this is done, although a little butterfly might find it's way to the roses.
Not really room for writing on this page, it's just for keeping notes or a surprise.

This one wrinkled when I was gluing it but I kept it anyway. It's a torn piece of wall paper, music sheet, acrylic paint and the graphic with a touch of markers. I might leave this one alone, now. That's it for tonight! Just thought I'd post something twice today to make up for the days I don't get on here! I think clicking on the picture will bring it up bigger.

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Emelie said...

I can't say which I like best, they are so pretty, I am always partial to Alice. these artful arrangments of paper things and the children plus the face, I just like them a lot.

I had also forgotten the pocket idea, a great gift. Do you ever find it hard to part with things, like your mail art?

I wil be back to see if you mde changes.


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