Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poppies Revisted

Today I went back and tried to do more to the poppy piece. I guess I did improve on it somewhat but it just isn't pleasing me. I made a mistake early on with charcoal and it just wasn't a mistake that I know how to overcome, I guess. I did want more of the checkered background to show through and around the poppies but it's just too dulled and the layers hid most of it. But once again I'll show it because it is what it is. Sooner or later I'm going to learn from all these mistake pieces and make one darn good art piece that I like!....sheesh....
I added the butterfly, bumble bee and more flowers, a bit more color here and there; the additions are all ripped from napkins.


Emelie said...

Good morning, it is still early, moving slowly here.

Not saying this to make you feel good, I like them both, I had to keep going back and forth and looking. Then I had look for the charcoal mistake and couldn't really say I can see it for sure. I do appreciate the additions tho.
Striving to do a piece of art that has every aspect just right for our satisfaction is hard.
Reading what people write after doing a show with things for sale often talk about taking things home and redoing some part.

It was good information Nora wrote about how she liked that you did the dark border in places, I can't remember her term but for me that was something to learn. I know that at times after a piece has been scanned into the computer it feels good to put a black border on it. I really like an irregular border better.
I wish all napkins had dark borders.

Have a good Monday.

Diane said...

Hi Star, I found your blog through Sharon's ning site--I'm in your class (starting on Friday :) I think this is gorgeous--I love this technique that Sharon showed us. I'll be following you--I love your work!!

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