Wednesday, February 10, 2010

4 x 4 mixed media

I have a little 4 x 4 studio wrapped canvas to show today. This started out as a lesson piece from Sharon's (All Norah'S art) faces class but I flubbed it really bad not once but twice! I didn't want to just toss or let a piece of canvas go to waste so I went off on my own, gave up on the paint and used caran d'ache, portrait pastels and touches of stabilo pencil. The background is nearly totally lost because I re-worked this so many times. The background is a dictionary print, washed with acrylic paint and a house transfer. The print does show on the sides but I didn't get a picture of that. Of course, the flowers and butterfly to finish are from napkins.
I was looking at a photo to do this face. I'd say who it is but I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate it. LOL! Her eyes do look comparable but that's about it.
Later today I'll watch the class video's once again and start another canvas and hopefully will end up up with something to show! As usual click on image for a larger view.


Dragonlady said...

I see No mistakes, but of course, I cannot draw and you can..looks very good to me..

Emelie said...

I think that is beautiful, and you should post it with what you have said here. One reason it helps other people who can turn some other medium when things go bad. The face is so right with that lovely background. I mean it, I really like it. When someone says "I mean it"
They are usually shaking their pointer finger, I am not.

I did toss one from class in the the garbage, the face was getting so overworked and rough it was horrible. It was several days ago I painted that. I always wonder why art is more personal than a failed recipe, or a plant that dies when gardening. It somehow comes from a deeper feeling of who we are.

Anonymous said...

I like it. I like the colors of the background and the flowers. There is a lot of emotion projected in her eyes. I like this whole piece to be honest.

Anonymous said...

I love the colors you choose. Very uplifting!

Anonymous said...

Star, I wish you knew how lovely your art is!
Keep going! I want to see more! I enjoyed your posts about living in different areas of the States, Too and I sure agree with you!
Hugs, artfulheart

Anonymous said... can you possibly think your art is anything but beautiful and perfect? You are waaaaay too hard on yourself. Everything you do is wonderful!!

Don't stop!

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