Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Painted face

I finished a 2nd face painting on a 4 x 4 studio canvas. Well, I shouldn't say finished because she has problems and needs repair.....mostly she's going to have a nose job done and hopefully she won't need a whole face lift/reconstruction when she gets it! I'm going to show her tonight anyway and then when and if she's all fixed, then I can show the difference. In my mind she was going to be a gift but she didn't turn out good enough so some poor birthday fairy is going without a gift. If I can do the nose job right, then maybe it'll be a gift again. LOL!
I have to say that Sharon's (All Norah'S art) class is just wonderful and her instruction videos are clear, easy to follow and fun. Doesn't mean that I follow along and make instant perfect faces as there's a learning curve to learning to paint more free and with a bigger brush and lighter paint. But it's fun and I'm starting to get it. I love being able to see what all the other members are doing. Some of the first time painters are just amazing with their faces! When I thought about that, I actually did better painting way back when I knew nothing at all and simply bought a pattern book, some oil paints and decided to paint! I painted on any wood I could my hands on and I didn't do so bad....even sold a lot! But now, I out-do myself, worry too much, want to be perfect and try too many things all at the same time. I want to go back and just be free to do art again.....good or bad....just art....but still learn to be better at it. I do need to go back to the basics.....the basics I never started with, just jumped in and painted!
So here she is for now. I hope I can fix her and show her again! Click for a bigger view.


Emelie said...

I came by to see what you were up to and see I missed a very serious post that makes my jeart ache with such pain in a very young life. I often look at my children's photos at such a time in their lives and think no pain, loss, hurt, yet at this time. Then you see photos years later and you can see there has been some of that, it is in the eyes, as things happen even with the best watchful parent and of course life is not without these things.

I Remember Perry Como also and seeing him sing this song on TV so long ago.

That is a touching photo, a precious item to have. Your story also gave me a lot to think about. Wishing you good repairs and a good Monday. Emelie

Dragonlady said...

Well, I am not a painter nor can I draw, but I love this girl and think the painting is great, love the bird and butterfly....if its for me, I would be honored to own a piece of your art...
if its not for me, then, my bad, but she sorta looks like me! hehe

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