Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nose job completed

I got the courage last night and this morning to go back and give this newest face a nose job and other facial tweaks. I still have a ways to go but at least this time I can say I like her now. One note, however, there's a speck showing right above her nostril....that's not really there! That's a speck from the scanner because I was bad and didn't check and clean the window before scanning. That will teach me!! I find enough bad spots without creating some that aren't even there!
I did change the hair a bit, added some background back in, added flowers to her hair. The bird, flowers and butterfly are cut from napkins and touched up with paint. I didn't show the sides of the canvas....it's a studio canvas with 1 3/8 inch sides so I did a crackle finish and tried to make it look like weathered wood. But then I got white paint on my fingers and managed to get that spotted on the sides. LOL! It'll do. And so I do think I'll go ahead and dare to gift this one. Hopefully the Fairy girl will be happy with it for real and not just looking at a picture. So here's the final piece after surgery:

We have SUN and BLUE skies today! Actually, the sun made an appearance finally, yesterday around noon ! We're going to have almost a week of warmer temps and pretty days before it goes back to snow, cold and gloom. March and April are always roller coaster rides. Our temps are going to hit 40! I can tell you that when we go into town there will be people in shorts walking around with no jackets! That's a virtual heat wave!!


Emelie said...

Yes improved, softer somehow, Do you think you can bring that left eye where it turns upward down a little. I know, Oh Crap, I don't feel like messing with this more, but maybe you do.

I got out or rather looked at my saved images of older paintings, looking for somthing for the blog, and my eyes have so many problems that it is a weeks work to make changes, and I am really thinking of starting, because they aren't bad and have good things going on and worth saving with some work. Also I have such strong lines on some of the faces. And you know what???? I could even add more stuff to the background.LOL I know, your saying, geeze that woman. Keeps me off the streets.

Yes lovely sun and warm, and fresh air in the house. Talk soon

Diane said...

She has such an innocence to her, and I love the added collage elements. We have the same people here walking around in shorts :)

Laura said...

I think you made some good changes Star. You know, at some point I just leave well enough alone. I say it's a learning process. I'll do better on the next one. I'll try harder on the nose, or eye or whatever. And then I have the earlier ones to look back at and say that's where I was and here's how far I've come and what I've learned. But everyone has to decide for themselves how they want to handle that. Just a thought.

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