Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Journal Page

I played on another journal page last night. It's probably another example of what not to DO but it seems I continue to do the Don'ts! My favorite saying has always been, "DO as I say, not as I DO"!
I started this page a while back just playing with paint, I think it's all Twinkling H20's but I don't remember. Then a few nights ago I found this rose image I had torn from a gift box ( a gift from a Fairy, containing the most gorgeous china mug and matching coaster with this design on it) and decided before I lost it, I'd go ahead and glue it on. I was going to just leave it as it was. But, nope, because it was laying nearest to me I saw another piece of the copper thread laying there so I grabbed it glued it on and of course then needed to find a bird. I found a bird, added that and thought I was done. But, nope, it was still laying there last night and I wasn't happy with the bird and rose because the rose was just sort of floating in space which made no sense. So I got a tad of paint and added the teeny bit of stem and leaf and while doing that I discovered I had glued on the rose image and hadn't finished trimming the white away! Oh well, it was too late to fix that. I was searching through the piles of small stuff sort of looking for some old lace when I found the lady image and I liked her so she went on instead of lace; then I found the quote which seemed to belong so that went on, only when I was tearing around the edges I ripped off a 'I' by mistake. Glued it on anyway because I liked it! Then I decided I didn't like the single bird so found another bird and also added a little butterfly from a napkin. All in all, it's just a journal page not meant to be a great piece of fine art but I still hate it when something just refuses to please me! Sometimes it is a good idea to have a sort of design in mind and not just start putting down images, especially if it's a one of a kind image that you didn't make a copy of! So, I'm not unhappy with it, just not pleased. Oh, and I wanted matching birds but couldn't find another gross beak at all so the bluebird was the right size and on it went! This is another pocket journal page.


Diane said...

Star, I like your post :) and I completely relate to what you are talking about. Even if no one in the world is going to see it but me, I have to be happy with it. I like your journal page, and I love the colors--keep experimenting!!

Emelie said...

You made me laugh, I have a lot of trivia laying on my table that didn't seem right. I go through all of what you just said. It is humerous to read another's plight in art.

I certainly like the run and drip effect. Really a cool look.

I do reapairs a lot also, on a hard line I sometimes tear part of mypaper towel off that has the same colors and glue it on. It worked one time when I had to attatch a border to get the piece to it in a frame. It attatched easily because, I had painted on brown paper.
I cut up grocery bags sometimes and paint on those. I always think I have to keep practicing. Those pages also glue into a journal nicely. Sometimes I use the silver bobby pin top and bottom of page to hold the art.
I am a little yakky tonight. Emelie

I should post on my blog at night I would have more to say.

Laura said...

Boy I know just what you mean. For me, I can't get it right and I keep futzing with it (thats a technical term) and then if I'm not careful I futz too much and over do and have moosh! There is a fine line sometimes.

But meantime, I forgot about Twinkling H2O's! I must dig them up. You got me playing with my Portfolios all the time now, why not my Twinkling H2O's too?

Dragonlady said...

Hey, I love how this came out...

i love the music, thanks for introducing me to Basia Bulat, love her voine, she sounds somewhat like Tracy Chapman....

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