Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Mail Art

I am way way behind in getting packages ready to mail. I have several things I need to be packing up and sending on their way. For one thing, it's so expensive to mail packages now that I put it off. I mean to say that a lot of the time the postage or shipping costs more than the item in the package. That's just not right. I love sending cards and trinkets but it's pretty much nearly halted thanks to a tiny fixed retirement income for 2!
Then, too, I love doing the mail art on these packages or envelopes but they get held up until I finally get a brain storm on what art to do! Why can't I just sit down and dash off some great looking, pleasing art that also pertains to the receiving person in some fashion? Yet, other times, I find a certain scrap or image while sorting through and then can't wait for the right package or envelope to do the mail art on! Have I said I worry too much or I'm weird? Oh! What? I don't need to tell you this fact?

So today I'm happy to show another picture of a package with some mail art on it. It's awful how long this sat just because I really wanted to do art on this one. Had to find the right size box and then I had a theme in my head which didn't work at all. But, in the mail I got last week from Emelie, was the perfect napkin that gave me another idea and it fits the person perfectly, too! So here's today's Mail Art photo. I even remembered to scan before the address went on!
I used white freezer paper to wrap the box. Then I used Twinkling H2O's to paint a background. The rest of the picture was done entirely by tearing up one small napkin and rearranging it all and adding a butterfly. Then went back and did the ink work and such. It was a little too big for the scanner so it's not really cut off as it shows in the photo.


Emelie said...

It is hard to believe from only one napkin, so pretty and the receiver will be thrilled, at least I think so.

Your right about the cost of mailing.

I am listening to the children, the song you mentioned. Sweet song.

So far nothing today from me, if I journaled I would write "lost day".

Wanda said...

Wow, Star~ You have been BUSY! Your work looks gorgeous! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Lyric is still okay, as far as tests go. We are waiting on the definitive, 'big' test today or tomorrow. ...The one with her spinal fluid. Her fever has not come back, and she is she has been on a antibiotic IV since birth. She's was transported to Corpus Christi, to the neonatal intensive care unit in Driscoll Children's Hospital within about an hour and a half of her birth. So... I'm feeling hopeful at the moment.

Gillian said...

What happy postmen you must have over there - this is lovely. Keep up the good work - oh and happy art material gathering! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. x

Joni James said...

This in incredible! You put so much work into your package, maybe you could send me something next? ;-)
Your receiver is lucky!

Laura said...

Wow Star one napkin cool! But I've got an idea. Why not just pretend you're doing mail art and make that your art? La La La I'm doin' some mail art now. Bam: it's really art! No waiting around for a brain storm of what art to do, it's done!!!PS Gotta love the flamingo!

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