Monday, March 8, 2010


Sometimes a piece of art meant to be just practice and learning turns out surprisingly well and you dare to show it! Such was the scrap art on the waxed paper. Today I'll show a page from a little sketch book. I did it while watching the Nascar race and then the Award show last night. This started out a few nights ago just sketching some small faces but then I started to add color and play.....ended up playing a bit too much and I just never could pull the whole page together. But staying with showing the Good, the Bad and the Ugly....I'm showing it.
The faces were done in pencil and started out not too bad, then used derwent watercolour pencils to lay down some color. It wasn't going too bad until I got the paper too wet (remember it's a sketchbook; not meant for wet work) and it started to rip apart layers. Then, too, as I continued to lay on color and blend the facial features kept growing. Sheesh! I finally added some ink lines; only of course I didn't pay attention and grabbed the wrong size pen so the first lines were too thick. Switched pens and gave them some hair. Then I was just going to do another line of faces but decided the page needed some background color even if it wasn't meant to be seen, just drawing faces. I got the Twinkling H20 paint and added color to the page. Thought then it looked like sky and clouds.....forgot I was just going to practice faces and added some strips of script.....didn't like the strips but too late because they were glued in place....still forgetting I was going to do more faces, I grabbed a new bird stamp and put birds above the faces and started to give them some color with derwents and markers, added some leaves and then had this thought.....those pretty little birds are going to be pooping on the little heads below! Too late now! I added the napkin border top and bottom, added dots and then the words because it needed something up there and finished with butterfly. I never did get to practice another line of faces. So it time!!


Emelie said...

Just shows to go ya, that a little bird poop creates great things. You know when your just enjoying yourself you do great work, so pretty.

I had to read the wax paper story again as I like it so much.

I like your new bird stamps and how you add the color.

I have been at my busy work again, and have quite a silly mess.

Astrid Maclean said...

This is a wonderful creation as are so many of your others.

Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a comments because it made me find yours. I'll be back for sure!

Diane said...

Star, I don't know about you---but I love this!!

Laura said...

I think this is neat play. You do like I do and go from one thing to the next and forget where you started!

And darn it... I forgot about those Twinkling H2O's from last time! I've got to pull those out again.

Heavens2Betsy said...

You have made a really playful and pretty piece here. I like the colours you've used and the combination of images.

Joni James said...

This did turn out very well and I always love the colors you work with!

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