Thursday, March 11, 2010

Too Funny

Nothing major to say again today but I did just find something that I found funny so thought I'd share. I was talking on the phone, sitting right here at the computer and as usual doodling away....making doodles over my notes and doodles on doodles. You know how it goes and I've shown what happens to my desk pad. It never lasts long. So there I was doodling with the ink pen and pencil, can't stop doing any faces now thanks to Sharon; and trust me, she teaches better faces than this. LOL!
But I went to walk away from the computer and this face caught my eye again and I thought, hey, that's not a girly that's a guy and who does he look like? Tell me if I'm wrong.....Stephen Tyler with maybe a hint of Mick Jagger (love of my life) thrown in. Too funny but thought I'd give everyone a chuckle. I have his 'groupies' down below. They were there waiting for him to appear!
I know, I better go find something to do......


Anonymous said... have his lips down pat Star!

Emelie said...

I had a good laugh and I really needed it, one thing after another today or not going wel, just small stuff, but it makes me crazy. Oh yes, this is your blog. Actually that looks better than what I did today that may get posted if I can scrape the butterfy off. Forgot again this is your blog not mine.
Maybe I should come back when I feel a little more stable.

Laura said...

Too funny...and it does look like a cross between the 2 rockers!

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