Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yard stuff

I'm always waiting for Spring and then when it arrives I'm impatient for the flowers and greenery to appear. Once it does appear, I start to lament that it'll be short lived and darn Winter will come too fast! I want to place a huge bubble over the yard to preserve and keep the prettiness and warmth all year long!!
Here's some pictures from last year showing what I'm longing for:

This is another totem....I covered a bowling ball with mirror tiles and it's sitting on a glass punch bowl with crystal dangles. I sprayed the inside of the bowl with stained glass paint for color.

This was a old pump from my family's Hunting camp in the U. P. of Michigan. My dad was going to throw it away!! I think not!! I left the paint on it just as it was at camp for years and years.


Emelie said...

You could never let that beautiful garden go back to grass, your plants and your adornments are just beautiful. I am sishing you to paint some faces on some of the totums. The new ones you make and not perfect faces but sort know.

The truth is I have to garden now and there are a lot of art things also I want to do. and then not staying home, it starts to get to a person after a bit this scattering of thoughts and have to dos. It is well worth it for the growing season, to have your great garden, all artists garden. Just keep saying that.

So back to trying to get a rabbit in my apinting. I should be sewing. I had to watch my show on TV.

Anonymous said...

You have a beautifully magical garden! I need to spend more time on mine for sure. But, I suppose it is an ongoing thing and not to be looked at as "done." I'm pretty new at it but my neighbor is quite the pro. I always feel her peering out her window watching me and thinking I'm doing things wrong. ;-D But that's just me.

Flor Larios Art said...

What a beautiful garden! Love the magical!

Anonymous said...

Darn I hate that our growing season is so short :( You're giving us hope Star by posting these wonderful pictures LOL!


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