Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Garden Art

I was over looking at Emelie's blog and her newest lovely picture when she made mention of a weather vane and it reminded me that I still had a few more pictures I could show for now. These are just some pictures of more garden art features.
This is the gate into the front yard and the taller gate is to the back door and yard.
It was due for a over-haul last year and it didn't get done....maybe this Summer I can re-paint and tidy it up again. What I really need is a new gate and fence! I wouldn't need the taller gate/fence to the back but because we have a tiny doggy, it keeps her from running out into the driveway.

Not the best picture, I had better ones, but lost all the pictures in a computer incident because someone (who me?) didn't back everything up correctly. Anyway, the wind was whipping around as I tried to get this picture of my little Caged fairy who flutters around in her cage hanging off the arbor.

And this is just a little gnome watching over the flower bed. He's a content little guy. The old window was retrieved from a friend and it marks the end of a pathway and the 'window' into the flowers.


Diane said...

Oh Star, will you come over and do my yard--I love yours--its magical--Happy Easter!!

Laura said...

I've enjoyed reading about and looking at the wonderful pictures of your garden Star. It must have taken you years to get the plants this big and lovely and the ornaments just so.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Your garden looks like a magical place. I love all of your garden art. I can imagine how much you must enjoy it here.

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