Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Found Words

I wanted to come and put up another 'Found Words' page to start getting in the habit of posting more regular again. I've been busy on FB with some old friends and family just having a 'hoot' remembering our childhood and what a truly magical place we grew up in. Too bad you don't realize that until you're too old to go back and live it some more! Of course, the old stomping grounds and places we roamed don't stay the same, either. It's really a shame, but none the less, we're having such fun remembering and sharing photo's, teasing and catching up. There  was a slew of us from a 'location' of 15 houses and the world was ours back then! The computer can be a wonderful tool to keep in touch with everyone; almost like showing old home movies of good times!
 But the reason I came on was just to post a page from a found words book. That was about 2 hours ago! I had to peek at my dashboard, then at who made some posts I hadn't seen in a while, then some graphics to save and then I landed on Lynne Hoppe's blog and wonderful paintings!! I got lost there for a while, I tell ya! I just adore her style of painting and drawing so much! I could look at her faces all day long, they just do 'something' to me.....I think they feel like me.
 So now it's late and my ever faithful tiny doggy is letting me know we should be heading for bed. She doesn't know I'm not sitting here forgetting bedtime, I'm getting hundreds of images in my head, followed by ideas chasing them, which means it'll be a while before I go to sleep! Besides that, I get to start a new book to read tonight when I do get to my bed! There's something just exciting to me to end a book one night and start a fresh new one to read the next! Sometimes I do have to wait a couple nights before starting a new book because the last one was so good, it lingers a while!
 The 'Found Words' page I'm going to show, is again not meant to be good art. It's just relaxing and meditative to me to search out the words to save and then just do some sort of art to block out the unwanted words on the page. No rules, right or wrong, just simply cross them out or blot them out with some form of doodling, zentangling, practice art, colors, whatever!! I only show it because it is fun and even tho' there are multitudes of mistakes in today's picture, it's still a assignment in showing the good and the bad. It's a very very hard thing for me to do.
       As usual, I played with this one too much. She was better when I just had had her in pencil with a touch of color. But, nope, I just had to keep on. This is page # 8 in the Inspirational Verses calender I'm using.
I do have more to show from another book but I keep forgetting to get them scanned.
 Maybe I'll be back tomorrow. We'll see; depends on whether or not I get going on a big project I want to do. I have a hard time starting things, I worry over them and procrastinate, re-think my idea a hundred times and finally get to it. Then after all that it usually never ever ends up the way I envisioned.  Oh well, such is my life! I doubt I'll ever change.                                                            

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