Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Altered Pages with Found Words

I did promise I'd come back and show some pictures of something! I searched for envelopes that I've sent but I can't seem to find one I didn't show and sorry to say that one I was really proud of, was sent and I forgot to take a picture first! Oh well, there will be more, I hope!
 In the meantime I'm still doing found words and altered pages. I have several books I'm working playing in so I'm just going to show some from the latest book I picked up. Sorry to say it's not great art! There's couple I shouldn't even show but as I said way back, It's good to show complete goofs along with the good. The altered pages / found words are mostly for fun or trying an idea. The designs never have straight lines or perfectly matched designs because I don't do these seriously. I carry them with me and while sitting in the car, watching a game or playing on the computer, i just play in these books.
 This one I'll be showing 7 pages from what is one of those "Bible Promises for each day" flip booklet. It was at the thrift shop for .25 and just looked interesting for art purposes. I can't stop picking up books to play in!!

 so here they are:
This one is probably my favorite so far in this book. I do wish I had tried a bit harder to get the checks right because I think it was looking kind of cool except for messing up the pattern. It did block out the words nicely just leaving the Found Words I liked. I have a bad habit of getting carried away and all of a sudden looking down to see that I've drawn a line right through a word I meant to keep! So on this one I used some laminating glaze to see if it would protect the words and it did but it also made the ink run a bit, which doesn't really look bad. Somehow I listed the pictures in the wrong order, if it matters, but this is actually page #7.
 This is the first page. This was just done with no design in mind ahead of time so it just evolved into this. There weren't too many words to have to hide. This was just a "La-La-La" design while playing Words With Friends on face book! Not great but not bad.
 This is the 2nd page and I pretty much flubbed it. This was a blank page and so I added a word of my own. Then tried a new Zentangle pattern and as I said completely botched it. I had a sort of design in mind but bad just went to worse so I quit. I even got carried away shading and didn't leave the right highlights. Oh well, It kept my mind occupied for a while!
 This the 3rd page and I quit because I just wasn't making it come together in a way I liked. So eventually someday I'll go back and work it some more to finish. On the Found Words I used Diamond Glaze this time to protect and highlight the words.
 This is page 4 and I scanned it crooked! But all in all this didn't turn out too bad. I seem to not pay attention when shading and the book causing me to continue shadow in the wrong places. I'll get that right when I do this more seriously, I hope.
 This is page 5. I shouldn't even show it but oh well. This started out as balls with a stripe and then I made them into eye balls but the shapes were all wrong. So then I went back and tried to fix the shapes so they'd be more like eyes but it was just too time consuming and a lot were beyond fixing I quit! Another total Flub!
        This is page #6 and the same story here....I got carried away and forgot what I was doing and completely flubbed the design! Good thing I don't do this for pay or I'd starve! I'll try this one another time on a different page and maybe get it right.   

  So there! I posted again without going away for 6 months and I even finally showed some sort of art!! Yea for me!                        


Emelie said...

Great pages, and I know for a fact I can't do that, you have no idea what terrible doodles I can do and have no pattern or can't follow one for tangles. On the first one it seems better to me than perfection as that is how it would look ifter use if it were flexible. Unpredictalbe is interesting don't you think?
Wishing you a day of more artful things.
BTW I collect too many books as possible journals also.

Dragonlady said...

They are wonderful....your talent is awesome, I can't do this, but love how you can just doodle and come up with great ART...

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