Thursday, July 19, 2012

Magic Happens

I just love it when something unintentionally magical happens. I can't say I've been in a was worse than that. The problem being, you truly don't know it until you start coming back. It's one of those things you can't explain to someone because most times they thought you were there all the time. It usually takes some eye-opening happenings to occur which begin to bring you back to your world. Then you know how far away you were.
A little while ago I found a old school friend. It was just an amazing thing for both of us and tho' we weren't close friends way back, we are now and it started a spark as she also does art and we have many of the exact same dreams, many of the same problems and lifestyle. So to find someone who truly understands is a blessing! Slowly by talking and showing each other our art and speaking of life and secrets, the spark started to come back. With the piece "Fly" in the last post, it came back full blast!
I've had so many compliments on this piece that my head is spinning and and I'm having a hard time toning down the huge SMILE on my face! When I was describing to someone the steps in "FLY", I totally forgot the beginning step and the MAGIC it lead to. I found it again last night and it just amazes me. I know why the magic appears but just to think of someone finding this piece of art and then innocently watching it transform and the MAGIC shine through brings yet another smile!
 The first step in this was covering the whole canvas with a pretty napkin. It's gold with a pretty cream scroll design all through it. My idea was that it would be a simple design border around the face to write on. Well, I got carried away playing and ended up covering the whole design and forgot it was even there under layers of paint, ink and glazes. (yes, I now finally see the reason of using glaze over layers and seeing some floating depth come through! whoohoo! ).
Quite by mistake when I was holding it up late at night to look for blatant mistakes, I held it to the light here at my computer and VOILA! there was my first layer of scrolls shining through and nearly perfectly placed at that! Couldn't have done that purposely, had I tried! Therein was the MAGIC as it instantly changed one design into a different mysterious sort! I was giddy with excitement! Today I want to 'release' and 'abandon' "FLY". But first I'll have to write and include a note on how to bring about the magic that lives in this piece. As a child I would have been totally enthralled with it, even as an adult providing I didn't know the secret hiding within.
Isn't it great? It reappears out of nowhere! You've seen other bits where I've had background design show through but it never totally disappeared and then showed it'self at the unexpected time! Just look at the placement on the face!!! Could it be more perfect? Just amazing!


JennaKay Francis, Author said...

That is so kewl, Star! Beautiful work as always. :)

Star said...

Jenna, thank you! You have always been my biggest fan since I've known you!

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