Saturday, August 11, 2012


Last year or so I did a collage on a 5 x 7 flat canvas board. I showed it and then promptly shoved it aside because I didn't like it at all. It had potential in places but it was just too busy for me and I don't know, just not pleasing at all. I was searching through piles, looking for something a couple weeks ago to do another canvas and I found this in the middle of a pile, still just sitting.
    An idea came to mind, so decided to see if I could re-work it somehow and use it; if not well, I'd just paint over the whole darn thing and start something else on it. Didn't want to waste even a small cheap canvas board. So I got busy and changed a few things. Now I like it ....sort of. It's still too busy  for my tastes but unless I start completely over, it just has to be. Now it looks like this:
  Now it's maybe even even busier but the new butterfly is definitely better and flowers are more defined. The scanner always shows you what more could have been done or had removed but too bad, it's covered with 2 coats of triple glaze so no more fixing. Next, I'm going to layer it onto a 8 x10 background and frame it IF I happen to have the right size frame around here somewhere.

As for the Abandoned Art piece, "FLY" did get picked up almost instantly after I left it and it did in fact fly and land in Ontario, Canada!! How sweet is that! I had a wonderful note from the lady who found it. Not only did she keep it but she was here in town with her DIL who is a artist and was showing here at the ARTARAMA show!  They like the explanation of the magical effect of the canvas and of Art Abandonment and they will start doing some abandonment's in Ontario!!   I was thrilled!! Since then I've abandoned several button Fairies but no one has left a note saying they found any of them. I know they're gone so they're hanging somewhere.
Before I abandon anything else, we are helping a guy up in Vancouver, CA  to spread his butterflies into every state and every country! Harry sends you a packet of his pre-made butterflies already with a magnet (free), then you can embellish them further or leave them as is and leave them all around with a tag added explaining what they are. To date Harry Grunsky has sent out over 2,500 butterflies! He hand cuts each one and assembles them!  If you would like to help you can go to the Art Abandonment Group on Facebook, join, and find Harry's address in the file section. It's easy peasy!! Then you can also see all the wonderful pieces of art being left all over the states and other countries!! You will also get to see the most wonderful HUGE piece of art just abandoned in Phoenix, AZ by ANDREA MATUS DeMENG   after the classes they held. I cannot even fathom the joy of finding her beautiful art with a note saying FREE!  The gal who found it....hanging in an elevator...was indeed thrilled!!


Emelie said...

YOu have done a lot, your work has such magic and should be in a book of inspiration. Thank you for always coming to see me and for your FB likes. I am so glad your having an artful summer.

Ally White Cat said...

Your blog is beautiful. I love your art it is bold and awesome. Rich. I love it.I found you on Creative Souls and I am so glad you are there.Thank you for sharing you magnificent pieces.
Susan Salyer
Creative Souls

Denise Fletcher said...

I think that both are absolutely gorgeous! The second one does look better, but the first was still a keeper! xx

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