Monday, November 9, 2009


I couldn't decide if I should or if I did, what to show today. It's a Monday, I'm still sick and I've been blog hopping, looked at so many marvelous things & ideas that now my head is really spinning. If I'd spend as much time DOING my own art as I do oogling others and trying to learn techniques, looking up supplies and books, well, then I'd have plenty of art to show! I need a sort of schedule and I need to stay away from the computer; but what wonders lurk in this beloved machine!!! One little click leads to thousands! And on top of blog hopping I dared to sneak a peek on eBay last week and look at painting books, painting patterns and other needful things. I know better, but I did it anyway! I promised myself  I'll truly get back to art everyday and even back to some painting because these books and patterns coming will give me that spark to start on the growing gift list in my head!
I did manage to do a couple pages in the Fantasy Folded Altered Book so I suppose I'll just keep showing more pages in the order that I have them done so far. Showing pictures of any art I do is a lesson in bravery, especially if I dare to show it to others than the few I dare show it to before now.
So here's a few more pages for today:

That's it for today!


Laura said...

Oh, it just keeps getting better and better! 'Specially liked those last 2 pages you showed. The underwater page and the title page looking page.

I know what you mean about spending too much time looking at everyone's art on the blogs. There just soooo much out there to enjoy, you can lose track of time very easily. And then not have the time to put into your own art.

I find I do have to set limits on my surfing time so that I can remember why I am being inspired!

Keep up the good work on your new blog...and your art work!

Kerry said...

These pages are amazing I love all the images you use, wonderful work!!! Have a beautiful day

Anonymous said...

HMMMMM.... seems that you found your nitch!Love ya!

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