Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Fantasy Folded Altered Book pictures

Before I put up today's pictures, I want to say thanks for the comments that have been left for me. They make me feel soooo good! Thank you!
I'm starting to feel better today but now everything smells and tastes like good ol' snot! Hope I get over that part soon!
We're having a week of Indian Summer here in the Northwoods and it's warm (during the day) and sun shiny and I don't even feel like going outside. I enjoy the sunshine, even just looking out the window. We go way too many days here in the Fall/Winter without a peek of sun.
Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and show the rest of the pages I have done in the Fantasy Folded altered book and then I'll decide what else to show tomorrow, maybe. I changed computers and in the transition I lost a whole heap of saved pictures. I knew it would happen; email addys and favorites were lost, too. G'rrr! I'll have to take new pictures of some other odd artsy items I have sitting around. I think I may have lost a whole heap of yard/garden pictures, too.

So here's more of the book; after these pages I still have about 10 pages to work on before doing the cover and final touches. Seems like it's taking me forever but being my first altered book there's a long learning time in there! I didn't heed one of Patty's suggested directions for choosing the right size book correctly and now it's giving me a problem! You'd think at 50+ years, I'd learn to follow directions or advice, but I never seem to get it right.....always wander off on my own, even if just slightly, and then pay the price later. That's me!

Now tell me, who can resist doing something with these "men in kilts"?
I just love these 3 lads. I giggle each time I look at it. I've used these guys recently on a piece of mail art so it's not new to one special FAIRY sister, just a different take on the same theme. I might just do this one over and over!

This is 1 page, then a half folded page and then the next page peeking in to show what's next!

and this is the next page; it's a half fold and a I guess maybe a 1/3 fold. Now you can start to see the surprise at the end starting to peek through the folds, too.

And this is 2 pages, both 1/3 page folds.
That's all I have done for now. Enough bravery for today!!

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