Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Fantasy Folded Altered Book

I have no idea how I managed to lose the days from Tuesday until today. It was just "one of those weeks" I suppose.
But, I had part of yesterday, all of today and maybe all of tomorrow all to myself!!
It's that time of year up here....DEER SEASON....where most of the men disappear from home to go stay at deer camp for 1 to 2 weeks. Oh how sad for all the women folk.......NOT!!!! However, a smart gal will put on a show like she doesn't want to be left alone for any number of days; she'd much rather have her guy stay home with her. You can't be in too much of a rush to get them packed, goodies packaged up, and shoved out the door! The women folk (in my family) are not allowed to be at camp during Deer season; we have to try to fake being upset over that, too. I mean, really, at our family camp right now are anywhere from 4 to 10 guys, eating, drinking, hunting, doing what guys do best when left alone and then all sleeping in a small cabin bunking area and on couches; the nightly sounds and smells wafting through the cabin. You get my don't wanna be there, but you pretend you're upset that women aren't allowed.
Yesterday, I waited until I saw the Explorer turn the corner and go out of eye-sight and then....I did the HAPPY DANCE!!! After that dance, I just sat for a hour or so doing nothing. No TV, no music, no scanner, no noise at all. Just perfect calm quiet. The hushness was heaven!
After sitting and reveling in the quiet, I did have supper while watching the news and after dishes, I went to the art room to watch TV and did a new page in the Fantasy Folded Altered book. Before I did the page, I was looking around in there trying to decide how to change it around to make it workable, so did some measuring and tried to see what I'd have to move out in order to make the changes. While doing that, I opened a drawer in a storage container and what did I find that had been stashed in a safe place during the last non-completed attempt to unclutter? A couple collage sheets that I knew I had, just didn't know where I FILED them. Now if I could find the rest of them that must be in another safe place! LOL!
As I said, the Fantasy book class is given by Patty Van Dorin of Tuscan Rose. In her shop she has a lot of very nice goodies, including some nice collage sheets which I had purchased earlier this year, maybe even last year. So I was just giddy to find a couple of her sheets and one of my favorites, at that!! I sat right down and played, making a new page and then started to get ideas for the next page to work on later today. Before I can play, I promised myself I would mop the kitchen floor and then further contemplate how to change the art room into a workable space.
The solution of a much bigger room/space isn't a option. We have a tiny house with tiny rooms and that's the way it is. I don't have too much "stuff ", though! No, that's not the problem at all; I have one whole room and part of another just for the heck of it! I can't even begin to say that with a straight face! And I was on eBay last week looking around; which means I have several pkgs. of art books coming my way! Can't ever have too many, right?
So for today, here's the newest page in the Fantasy book. Maybe I'll take pictures of my "oh so neat art room" later and let you see why it takes much pondering to figure out how to move it around yet again.

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Dragonlady said...

Glad you are able to enjoy your "Me" the altered page, you always come up with the best images to put together....Love "Humpty Dumpty" sitting on her shoulder..

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