Thursday, December 3, 2009

Art Room?

I'm gonna do it! I'm really going to show pictures of my room. There's one way to make myself get in there, not get side-tracked and truly finish changing it around and cleaning it up so I have room to do any art in there; that's to embarrass myself in front of the whole world. Keep in mind when I show these that the room was in disarray as it was, then I changed it around but it didn't work ( I know, measure twice, move once!) so it had to be put back the way it was with some minor changes. So now it's really a mess and believe it or not I have toted 3 trash bags out from amid that mess. Some of the piles are to be gone through and put away yet, others are to be listed on eBay at some point. A lot of the containers hold pictures to be used in collage, some cut and trimmed, some not.  Most of the stools showing aren't to sit on, they're waiting to be painted along with other things shoved in there. I have no where to keep them so they get shoved around. Well, no more excuses; here is where I attempt to do what I do.

Looking straight in from the entrance; it's a deceiving picture!

Where I sit, do some art, watch TV

on the right side

continuing around to the right, another table and book shelves

 The right of the shelves and drawing table in the center, closet behind

continue around to the right and the entrance

shelves of things waiting to be used and back to the beginning.
Don't even think that's all of it! I didn't show all the containers and piles below those tables and I still have a table art/computer area I use in the dining room, too. I'll show that next time. Right now I'm going to hide and work on that mess! Really!


Dragonlady said...

Well, it is better than what I have...I would love to have room to put that many shelve you can't whine to me, cause I think it looks pretty good...i really like your paint caddy too..

meant to comment on your earlier post to say I really love the button fairies...and I think you are a wonderful artist..

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brenda, you are always too sweet but make me feel good! I know I should be more grateful that I even have a room...I went a lot of years without one. If I could just organize it so I could walk in and just go to work without searching for something or having to clear a spot first! LOL!

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