Friday, December 4, 2009

art/computer table?

Just going to show one more photo for today. This is where I migrated to the dining room area and set up a table for art and the computer; thinking I would do collage stuff out here. It didn't work, so when there's a clear spot I do smaller things here . I will be trying to clear this off so I can use this area to work along with classes and video's from the computer. I had an idea to use the lap top in the art room but I'm not sure how that will work; we'll see. I'm not good on the laptop at all, not even close.
And BTW, yes, that is snow you can see out any window views. Just having flurries today but it is COLD and going to get COLDER and stay that way for a while. I dislike Hate Winter!

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Laura said...

Oh I'm not good on the lap top either! I have to use a mouse with it, Ha! So I opt to use my laptop in the family area. My big computer is in my studio. The only way I keep my "art stuff" off it,is a rule: All electronics on that art stuff allowed! Otherwise chaos!

I HATE HATE HATE winter. Is it summer yet?

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