Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Did it Again

I went days without posting at all. I think maybe this will take some getting used to or maybe I just need to think I have something interesting to say. I found some pictures I can show of things I had done already but still need to take new photos of others I have here and lost the pictures. I started to take pictures and of course the batteries died in the camera and so I just bought more today.
We spent part of the afternoon at the Credit Union re-financing the Explorer. Such fun! On the Saturday of father's day week end, Rocket was going to lower WI to bury his Mom's ashes and 1/2 way down the Jimmy decided to quit. On a Saturday! He called home and we decided he'd look over the car lot where he was and see about a new (new used) vehicle because he couldn't stay down there until Monday. His son met him there and helped to make sure he picked something nice and got a good deal. I got on the phone with the salesman and swore I'd do bodily harm if I found out we didn't get a deal. YUP, I'm tough!  Not really, but I can pretend sometimes when I need to. We did get a good deal but had to take financing where ever we could get it that day. We've paid on that since June and decided now was the time to do a local re-fi and save some much needed money.
 Funny how a trip to the local small Business Supply store to get ART SUPPLIES on Monday made me realize even more how tight our money was. I haven't gone on-line to check Blicks price but it has to be better than the $9.89 I had to pay for a small bottle of Masking Fluid! Then I noticed a small...I say SMALL glass bottle of Matte medium that I needed.....that was $6.75! Most of the time I forget where my mouth is and stay quiet but I managed to give the owner a little monologue on what art supplies to stock along with what size and even mentioned brands other than Windsor & Newton! How I wish we had a Blicks or Michael's or anything with art supplies near here. We don't. It's either on-line or drive almost 100 miles one way. Of course, a gal could learn to happy with what she has in that art room where she can barely move as it is! But you know, just one more medium, one more color of paint, new brushes and the must have patterns or How-to books and magazines. I can never choose a project where I have everything I need. Hard to believe when you look in my room but it's sadly true. Actually I haven't touched the paint in so long that some of it has dried up. That's so bad!!!!
So here's a few pictures of things I have here that I did a while back. I haven't done another page in the altered book yet so nothing new there; not even in the altered pages book.

This was my first (only) attempt at a beeswax collage. I made it into a magnet for the fridge.

This is a button fairy also made into a magnet

Another Button fairy as a magnet

Another Button Fairy

and one more Button fairy.
I don't have pictures of more because they're given as gifts and I lost the pictures.
That's all for tonight. I have batteries now so maybe pictures of the art room tomorrow, IF I don't chicken out on showing that!

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Emelie said...

I thought I would come visit, Have been on the computer so much ma as well stay a little longer. Carmingmagnets, I sure think that witch is cute, if witches can be. She has been a favorite. I saw a book in Rice Lake about her at the book store. Adult book.

I have to look for more garden pics. Haven't had time to feel garden starved yet.

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