Friday, January 8, 2010


Today is one of those days! I didn't sleep good, so slept too late and that started the day (yesterday, too) not going my way. I want to do some art just because there are artsy things swimming in my head I need to let out (good or bad) and there's another piece of mail art I need to get done although seeing it's not done (not even started) and in the mail TODAY, it's gonna be late anyway. BUT, I need to go to the grocery store and I cannot tell you how much I hate going, but I have to, I put it off until I'm out of things I have to have. I'm in a decent mood, too and so I don't want to ruin it by going to the darn grocery store! By time I get to the register, I'm hot and irritated, grumpy because of the prices and already dreading the walk through the parking lot with a loaded cart, trying to push it through snow, slush and ice. Try that, when you're fat and having to dress in boots, heavy coat and gloves.....try getting in and out of a car with all that on. Yes, I could park the cart, go get the vehicle and drive up, but even there you have to keep stepping off the sidewalk and it's built up with ice and it's way too easy to slip and break or sprain a ankle or some other body part. Don't even dare to ask if there's HELP to take your cart (s) to the car and loading. The prices keep rising and the help goes away. We won't discuss baggers, either, except to say that I don't think they bother to train them any longer. I load the conveyor right and they still pack everything wrong.
So see, my mood is trying to escape and I'm not even gone yet! There's also the drive there. Now I only have to go like 5 minutes away, across our little town. But, for those living in snowy Winters, you know what happens. It's snowmobile season, so you have to watch out for those buggers pulling out in front of you, hidden by a snow bank or thinking they can cross the highway before you get to them. In the Winter you can't just pull into parking lots, you have to watch for those snowmobilers because the trail runs right through the entrances to parking lots.
Arghhh! I've tried to convince Rocket to go to the store for me, but unless I bribe him with "I'll pay for HIS beer" with grocery money (if he's out of beer), it doesn't work.
And then, back a few posts I did mention the diet word! It's time. I'm already a week off the scheduled (in my mind) start and it's now been pushed to this coming Monday. But, going back to the store, I'm not good in a grocery store. No, you have to walk in and you're immediately in the BAKERY/Deli! Now what kind of cruel joke is that to those like me who happen to start drooling at the very smell of sweets and carbs? I've done it, I have gritted my teeth and made it through without stopping but it's not fun and I fight the constant tug to turn around and go back. Of course, then you also have to pass up the cookie /cracker aisle, the snack aisle, the  breads and of course the candy aisle. And in the Dairy, just grab the milk, eggs and Smart Balance margarine while ignoring the luscious coffee creamers calling to you and the sour cream and cheeses beckoning you to come get them. You look at the celery staring up at you from the cart and it's begging for you to grab some dip or even some cream cheese to make some dip or spread on those green ribs.
So I don't wanna go but it's 2 pm and I better go or I won't and tomorrow it'll be even worse to go. There's tourists in town and it's going to really get built up with them as the week goes on, we're talking thousands of them! It's the National Vintage snowmobile races this week end as they gear up for the World International Snowmobile races next week end.
For sure I'm not going into town or any store/restaurant then. If I was a Winter person, a snowmobiler, a snow & cold person, I'd love it. But I'm not. I want long warm sunshiny days, blue skies, a lake and birds chirping out happy songs. Not the roar of snowmobiles and stench of exhaust. ARGHHH!
And with that, I'm really going off to the store....I will SURVIVE but my arty mood will be gone, I'm afraid. On a good note, the Packers play in the first rounds of play-offs on Sunday and I can pick up treats for the game because the diet doesn't start until Monday! YEA!!!


Emelie said...

I know that you are back by now, I had just gotten back when I first read your blog, it was time to start dinner. I have to use all the bits of things in the fridge so I didn't have to be at the grocery long. If I bake bread and make a few cookies, there is plenty of fresh veg and fruit plus other to get by a few days.
I don't think I hate it quite as much as you do.

I have been to your town, use to do art fairs there with a friend, she a wild life artist and I did only watercolor then. It has been years.

I have two things half done, and struggled with both today, a photo thing and a woman with a hand. LOL just one I can't do two yet, (more laughing)

I enjoy that waltz on your music, images of people dancing with such grace come during that song.

Wishing you inspiration and finding all you need to do some art over the Weekend. I hope Packers win also, I want them to play the Vikings as the playoffs progress.


Laura said...

I feel for you, Star. I can't have salt or coffee anymore. So every trip to the store is a constant reminder of the MANY things I can't have anymore. Mostly I try to stay out of the middle of the store and shop the perimeter. Except for the bakery. My downfall was always the chips aisle. I wasn't so much a sweets person. And now I can't have them, rats! Weird thing, I didn't use that much salt in regular stuff, you know cooking and at the table. Now it's just oh well. I have to make stuff fresh, no more pre packaged cause it all has so much sodium. The grocery store is NOT my favorite place to go anymore!

Good luck with your diet come Monday. They say you're not supposed to think of it as a diet but a life style. Try to find some stuff you like to eat! Again, good luck. You CAN do this.

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