Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nothing much

I did survive the grocery store trip yesterday. It wasn't fun but now it's done until the shelves empty out again. When I came out of the store pushing the cart through the dreaded slush and ruts I was hot from roaming those aisles, like I said I'd be. So loading the bags I was thinking, gee, it's not so bad out here. Then about half way through I started to get cold and by time I finished my hands and cheeks were freezing. I got in the car and looked at the temp gage and it was only 12 degrees so of course I was cold. Actually that's warmer than we've been and after today we're going to enter a real January thaw and go to 30! A few warmer days and some sun will be wonderful!!

I was catching up and reading blogs today and they all made me think of appropriate words for the year. I can think of a few for myself that would fit but wouldn't be too helpful to the esteem which always needs a huge dose of help. So I'm thinking that because I always procrastinate or think about things too long, that my word needs to be "DO". Yup, just "DO!" If I could actually "DO" something artful everyday without over thinking it or procrastinating, if  I will DO just one cleaning/uncluttering thing a day, it might be amazing what I can accomplish. If I would just make myself "DO" something each day or at least once a week that I'm scared to "DO" or think I can't "DO", then what possibilities might open up to me.
Maybe the self-esteem will appear a little at a time, maybe the anxieties will fade, maybe I'll decide I am somebody and really "DO" have a life. Maybe.....I just have to "DO" one little baby step at a time and if I can "DO" that then next year I'll be happy to choose the word "DID"!
I read Sharon/Norah'S post a little while ago. I got so tickled reading because she reminded me of something I do constantly but always lose. Finding faces or creatures on the wall, floor, clothing, everywhere and anywhere. I love watching the fluffy clouds and how they morph into faces, bodies and creatures, but I seem to never have a camera or pencil & paper ready when I see them. There's one room where I spend a lot of time thanks to nature and a tummy that gets upset at the least thing.....the bathroom! And while I sit there, it never fails that I find a face or creature in the tiles on the floor, the patterns on the wall, the towels or the latest one that I lost now....the little hallway rug! I'm always tempted to jump off the pot THRONE, run for a pen and outline what I found! If I went in with pen in hand, I might've captured some of those fleeting fairies, gnomes, witches, bugs and creatures! For 3 days in a row I saw a face in that rug and it really crossed my mind that it's my rug and if I want to take a marker and outline a face, I can....because it's mine and it's not like I live in a mansion or anything. So if I mark the rugs or in the very dinky bathroom, if I mark the walls & floors to draw out the faces and things, so what? How many others constantly see faces and creatures everywhere? What do you do with them when you find them? There's a little store we stop at that's covered with field stone. While I sit and wait while Rocket runs in, I study those rocks and have found many creatures ready to jump out or weathered faces wanting to come alive. Wonder if they'd mind marker on their stones?
So it's nearly 3 pm and I have that mail art to start on and I want to do a altered words/altered thoughts page, too. I'm going to grab another book from the pile and pull the pages to work on them and do them following the rules and guidelines on Campbell Jane's page. If you don't visit her already, go here :  . In the Readers Digest Condensed book I work in now, I'm leaving the pages in, even though it does make it hard to work on some pages because as I've shown I work with different colored pens and some paint here and there and then add images if I'm so inclined at the end. So this will be faster and easier doing some pages Campbell Jane's way. I adore all her work, btw, not just these pages.
I'm off to "DO" it, now!

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Laura said...

I DO really like the word you chose, Star. I DO think you have the right attitude and I DO think it will take you where you want to go this year! You can DO it!!!

ps:glad you made it through the grocery store ok!

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