Sunday, January 10, 2010

Collage Piece?

I went into the art room last night with intentions of starting the mail art. Before I could start it I needed to clear away the mess from from the last couple things  and that led to : Oh hey, look at this scrap, I like this, I should try DOing what others have said and just slap some paper bits and paint on a page and see what happens, ya, I really like this scrap and here's a couple more that might work with it....h'mmm, maybe I'll sift through this pile and see what else I have, oh ya, I really like this but don't know what to do with it so maybe I'll just glue it on this scrap I like....what else do I have here....
So much for the mail art, the envelope is still laying right where I laid it, waiting. But I did this piece of collage. This is done on a page from the small note book where I started doing the pages and then had the fit and tore the pages out. So this does have a sort of journal page done on the back side also, leaving me to wonder what the heck to do with this, if anything. As I started to play and put down pieces it wasn't long before I was thinking, oh carp, I don't like this at all, this is going to end up garbage and I'll have to paint over the whole thing. But I kept on adding more and more and right to nearly the very end and I was about to quit, I added one more scrap and then I had a tiny feeling crop up that said, hey! maybe I like this, it has possibilities. So I finished it. I have no idea what it is, just a collage; I think a lady laying on a star studded beach basking in the sun, talking to the birds. ME! I must say this is totally weird how it happened because it simply started with a small blue circle sticker from a piece of junk mail and the scrap of star wrapping paper. The background color was already on my page to begin with.
I wasn't going to show it and thought what the heck, I might as well show everything I do, good or bad, it's good for me to learn not to hide everything thinking someone will laugh. Besides, I suppose I do need feedback and thoughts, good or bad or how will I learn what's a good piece of art or not so much? What do I do with it now? At the end, it was fun and it was very weird how it turned out something representing myself.
So here's a picture for today:

This is 3 small notebook pages glued together, some paint, then different paper scraps from wrapping paper, a music sheet, spiral cut from junk mail, a circle sticker from junk mail, flowers cut from different wrapping papers, a bird image printed when the printer was running low on ink, a sculpture image from a book, and then touch ups with more paint and markers.

With that, I better go get busy. There's a big PACKER game this afternoon! I'm making crock pot Apple Crisp from here:
and Buffalo Chicken Dip with tortilla chips from here: (The Bee Hive) and maybe my own split pea soup. Then tomorrow there will be no need to do any cooking as there should be plenty of left-overs for Rocket to eat while I DO start the diet, again.


Emelie said...

My second visit, I had to see the abstractedness of your recent work again. I think it is just right.
I have created a huge mess working on art today, but it seems it went pretty well.
I was very disappointed in the game, such a good game to end for naught.

Laura said...

It's funny, Star. When I put my hand over the top part, I like the bottom! When I put my hand over the bottom, It's whole different collage. Then when you look at the whole thing together, it's like you have two different styles going, almost. Neither one are bad, they just look like they they belong on different pieces of paper!!

In case you don't read it on my blog, I answered your question about the star paper I used on my Almost Every Day Collage from yesterday. It's from a candy box from a while ago. See I save most everything that seems like I might use it/need it! This was only a couple inches wide and not very long.

I wish I was the lady lying in the warm sand talking to the bird!

Emelie said...

Just me again, hoping your OK. Dreary, that is the word for this day.

To answer the question, yes, I did draw the hand and paint it, I didn't like the palm so much, hence the white leaves, It was just Ok and overworking something can ruin a whole painting. I liked the backgound more than usual, plus her hair done with gesso on a stamp.

I think of you when I see bits, there are always bits, even on the catfood bag there is a lovely woman I should do something with.

You have read these words from me before, but I like work that gives me a lot to look at, I have a lot of organized clutter and it thrills me.

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