Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New collage mail art

I just finished this card and envelope for my middle brother. I guess it's safe to show it on here because I don't see that he comes to visit very often. This card is late....nothing new for me....his b'day is today and I'm just now sending the card today! Better late than never! I kinda like this one. This is only the 2nd card I've ever done. I do wish I could learn not to smudge or get marks in the wrong places.
I really like the envelope. This time as I was out of time, I just did art on the front of the envelope but used it as the back so I didn't have to incorporate the address and postage. The other side is just plain with address this time.
And now I'm working on one for my middle sister who also has a b'day this week!
So no more writing, gotta get back to the art room.
This is the front of the card. it's collage using paper background prints and of the phrenology heads. The words are from a Dove's promise chocolate and then touched up with gold ink, markers and buttons. It's on a deckle card.

This is the mail art on the envelope to match the card. I do like this one a lot!!
It's just typical collage, all prints and cut-outs with a touch of stamping and water soluble pencils.


Diane said...

Okay, Star, this is one cool card and envelope!!

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it!!


Emelie said...

These are so good, and so appropriate for a man. It looks like everything went just right, I don't see a single smudge. I do know about smudges tho as one day my sleeve had orange paint on it and it smeared across the whole painting. Background isn't so bad one can work it in but across a face is another thing.

The best thing is you felt like doing it and it just came together right. I was wondering if when you did these there was the influence of talking to yourself in the message, it seems art goes that way often.

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