Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Mail Art

I finished another card and envelope today. Isn't it funny how some days you can sit down and everything just comes together; you're in a fine mood and you're off in La La land, humming away and the art is just almost making it's self?
Then other days, sometimes in the very same day, you walk away, come back, start something new and BAM! the magic is gone. So it went with this next card. I just had a horrid time trying to bring it together; finally got the card done and it's ok but I'm not excited over it like I was over yesterday's. This isn't balanced right and what I had in my head didn't quite make it on the paper. Then I went on to the envelope and oh boy, made a disastrous mistake but I guess I managed to fix it. I thought, I would've sworn, that I had sealed the little corner face. So I grabbed the gel when putting it all together and as soon as I made a swipe across the pulled and smeared the, eye, skin; everything smeared! I won't say the naughty words that took over the humming sounds! I don't know why I do such things more often than not!
I want to be one of you who can (seemly) just sit down and dash off a pretty little piece of art sometimes!
But anyway, it's fixed as much as it can be and I did remember again to scan before the address went on. So that was good.
This the front of the card

 This is the envelope front.
 I didn't do art on the back of this one or the one yesterday, either.
Both faces were on tracing paper lining my art tables. They were both just practice, sort of doodling things but I decided I liked them and so saved them to use. Flowers and butterflies are napkins and then the usual caran d'ache for the faces, colored pencil and stamps.


Emelie said...

HI: This is the 3rd time I hae been here, I keep getting interupted, distracted, and have the feeling I might whine. I will try not to, there is nothing to whine about really, REALLY.

I was thinking about all the noses painted in Nora's class and how I really like the long ones, I like your face, it makes a peson smile and feel cheered. Your mail art has personality, a true gift and that is just what it should be, the smile is as much a gift as any one could recieve. Of course the poppy being one of my favorite that is a real plus.

I know about smudges, I like the ink pen, but I must use it last. really a final thing as it makes a mess. I have experience.

I also like the hairline on your face, pretty.

I hope to be productive tomorrow. That show is next week.

Emelie said...

Came by to say hi, not much here except a broken wore out scanner, my friend scanner, his lamp went out. I am really too tired to do much except look at blogs and talk a bit.

Like your face, and happy weekend.

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