Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog Hopping or Stalking

I don't have a picture to show this morning but I did just have a thought roaming about in this head. Is blog hopping really a form of stalking if you continually go to your favorite blogs more than once a day or on a schedule every day? Just kidding, but really, isn't it?
Here's my routine every morning and trust me, I get cranky if  I can't follow it, unless I'm the one who decides to change it! I'm not a morning person at all; I can't get up and just hop to things for the day; if I get up early I get morning sickness, really, I get dizzy, have dry heaves and a headache! The few times in my life where I worked morning shifts were not pleasant beginnings. I get my bearings and come to life at noon or later. It's not a good thing that the world is timed opposite of me!
I get up, stumble to the bathroom and do that whole routine, go directly to the kitchen for the morning pills (old age) and then turn to the coffee pot, hoping the husband hasn't drained the pot before I get the last cup (because he arises around 5:30 which is middle of the night to me). I then usually start another pot of coffee and head for the computer, cup in hand.
First, I check e-mails and note anything that needs attention.
Next is checking in on my special fairy girls, see if there are new posts and how they all are.
Third is going to my blog and see if I had any comments or even any visitors. I decide then if I want to hear music or not. If I need it to wake up and get myself in the right mood, I turn the volume up and let my music play. If I need quiet a bit longer I turn the volume down on the speakers because I'm usually hopping over to others from my page.
Then, usually in the same order every morning I go visit my most favorite blogs and anticipate what wonders will open up! I visit 4 or 5 usually in the same order and then from those I might choose new blog links to peek at or I go back to mine and peek in on more of the blogs I visit regularly and maybe pick a new one from each of them, too.
By now it's a 3rd cup of coffee, I have too many ideas starting to chase each other in this over-loaded head, and I need to go tend to the e-mails and do any business things that need doing. Now it's 10:30 or so and I'm not dressed, but it's time to think about starting the laundry or other household things; I might even decide it's time to have actual conversations with the husband. If all else fails and I still don't feel like starting the day, I go back and check the fav blogs again, check the Fairies again and maybe play a card game until I know I have to get busy.
Later, I'll come back to get on the computer if I need to hunt images from a folder or something along those lines, and might sneak a peek at my blog or fav blogs again if I was anticipating a post being made.
I love my computer! I'd marry it but it has a dark side that makes me think of ex-husbands; not always loving, fun and easy to get along with! I live with depression and anxiety; some days I feel pretty good and manage just fine. Other days, I can't go out in public, don't want to see anyone (it's more I don't want anyone seeing ME). In the Summer, I love to spend mornings on the deck, watching birds, looking at the flowers, looking at magazines, reading or doodling but if too many folks are walking by and wanting to talk, I have to go back inside. Sometimes, it's 2 or 3 weeks before I can make myself go to the grocery store; I get ready but then can't go out the door. I know it's silly but it's how I am. So I love the computer. I can go where I want, talk if I want, look at things I love and even learn a thing or two! I can tell about myself but don't have the worries of anyone seeing me. I can be myself on here where as in real life it's too real life I'm not sure who I am. I lived my life to please others for too long and now I still try to fight that, become myself and be allowed do the things I love.

So I got off the topic; but what's the answer? Blog hopping for enjoyment and a learning experience or stalking?


fairbluemoon said...

I loved this post. Seemed very familiar to me. We all need to hop! It's what keeps me inspired and somewhat sane.

Here's to late mornings, plenty of coffee, and healthy computers!


Sharon said...

It can't be stalking. I'm sure of it. Your morning routine is very similar to mine except I do have to show up at my office before I begin the hopping routine. I don't manage an ounce of work until 11thirtyish. Then I stop and eat at noon. I enjoyed your post.

Emelie said...

I do some of the same, there are a group of women on the internet that I have talked to every morning for ten years. It is about gardening, but really it is about everything. I go blog hoping also, and then I say I can't do this until I have gotten the day started, bed made, laundry going and dressed. Then I decide I have to post something new in my blog and that is only 6 weeks old. It is so much fun, I don't talk on every blog because I tend to talk a lot and it can take a lot of time. I am a little worried because I garden a lot and I can't let that go.
I love that also. You must garden a lot. I did manage last summer to garden and paint, I don't go a lot of places, when I worked I had to go and drive here and there everyday and staying home was getting more important. I also enjoyed your post.

jennakayfrancis said...

Routine is what keeps us sane! LOL I have no routine and we all see how that turned out! I feel scattered most of the time, like I'm not getting things done, like my life is a corkboard full of post-its. LOL I don't blog hop, but I still seem to spend way too much time on the computer.

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