Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One more Altered page/found words

I only have 1 page to show today. After this I need to continue to find words all the way to the end and be done with this story. When all the art is done I'll decide if it stays in this book or if I'll take these pages out and put then into their own book; which is what I'm leaning toward. We'll see, I may change my mind a hundred times before doing anything. It's that this a Readers Digest Condensed Book I'm working in. It has 4 different stories, meaning that for each section the words to be found change considerably. This section is the only one I'm trying to do as a complete story on it's own. The rest of the book is just doing a page where ever a word catches my eye as I browse the pages, I don't do them in order. I usually leave this on the coffee table along with some doodle sketch books and a container of markers and pens. While watching the games, races or a not so great movie, I play in these books or look for words. Sometimes, I push it all to the side, grab a stack of magazines, catalogs and junk mail, a trash container and just make a mess clipping and tearing images I might use some way, some how.
So here's the picture of a page I did yesterday. Today I fully intend to do some mail art that needs to get done and then I think I'm actually going to clear the table of paper scraps for a bit and haul out the paints.....if they haven't all dried up!

I read on another blog about using a CLEAR Sukura Gel pen as a resist. Of course, I don't have a clear but decided for this I'd try a WHITE Sukura Gel pen and see what happens. While searching for something or another, I spied the neglected container of  twinkling H20's. I picked out 4 colors and used them to go over the entire background. They worked out great! I always love the shimmer with these paints although I don't think it shows in the scan. I don't know why the container gets shoved where I don't have these ready at hand. Well, I do know, TOO MUCH STUFF! That's the other thing I'll be working on; packing up boxes of supplies to be sold on eBay and other boxes to be given away or sent to friends who need what I don't need! It would be nice to start the new year on a cleaner, neater, less congested work space.
Note: The stone angel on this page came from ART FREEBIES http://artfreebies.blogspot.com/


Emelie said...

Hi and have to have a look at your work on this cold night. My daughter was in here looking over my shoulder and said, Oh I like that and how she incorperated it on the page. I do also.

Doing a little work on something to go on the bottom of my blog that is a varied sort of work.

Enjoyed the day, looking at thrift stores and old books and some odd quilting things.

Look forward to you mail art. Emelie

Seth said...

A very interesting project and this page is just beautiful!

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