Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I  don't have art to show again today. I could probably dig around and find something but it can wait. I did work on some mail art last night while watching a movie ( The Secret lives of Bee's ). I only did the front of the envelope because it took me so long to come up with an idea I liked. Tonight I'll do the back, have the design in mind, just not sure how I want to do it. Because there's been a quite recent change in the life of the intended mail recipient, I think I might change the design as I had it set in my mind. I wanted to try something new, too, but I'm balking because I sure can't ruin a piece being done on an envelope with the card already sealed inside!
Anyway, thanks to all for the comments on my art and what I have to say. I hope to continue blogging in the new year and maybe even get better at it as I learn how to do better posts, pictures and so forth.
I don't usually make a New Year's resolution because I always break it  but if I wanted to try one, I'd say, once again, to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF and to do some art EVERY DAY! The weight part is a must.

And speaking of ART every day; The wonderful, most exciting, whimsical Sharon of Norah'S will be holding a video class showing how she paints her girly faces!!!
It will be on NING and probably sometime later in January! I'm so excited that I can barely contain myself!! I did tell Rocket that a class is coming up and no matter what it costs I wanted it to be my Christmas gift!!! So watch here for info, if you don't already:  and if you haven't seen Sharon's work or her blog be prepared to be in for a charming treat! I sure hope I have what supplies I'll need on hand. That is going to be a wonderful start to the new year!!!

And to end the year....a BLUE MOON! How amusing is that? I haven't looked out tonight, not sure if we can even see much of the moon as we have clouds and snow on a freezing night, again. However, I did spend time viewing the moon last night a couple times when I had Ebony (teeny dog) out to do her thing. It was a very eerie but yet gorgeous was enveloped in a deep tunnel of broken wavy clouds and created a reddish gold glowing halo. Hard to describe but I hope others in this area got to gaze at it. It was quite amazing. I can never get a good picture because we have a street light across the street too close and it ruins the picture.

Happy New Year!


Sharon said...

Thank you Star, I'm blushing. Now I'm going out to look at the moon. I like you, looked last night but forgot about tonight. It is rather cold out but I'm going anyway.

Emelie said...

I like to come and read what you have had on your mind. I couldn't sleep thinking of the blue moon last night. I am still going to do another piece of art work with a blue moon. As you know things can take a diferent direction that what was started. In fact I can't even remember how that door image got in that painting. Thanks for the visit.

Wishing you an artful day tomorrow. What I am so thankful for is to have people who don't get sick of art conversations.


Laura said...

Hey I forgot to come wish you a Happy New Year!!! So here it is:


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