Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mail Art 2

Decided I would show some more of the mail art this morning. I'm hoping the newest piece I just sent will arrive to the special girl today and then I can show it. Can't show it this morning because I know she'll come on and peek!

 This was sent to my sweet baby sister. This was the first envelope I tried doing mail art on. The top photo is the back of the envelope.
It was done with some water color pencils and lots of  images collaged together with some stamping added. I use mainly Mod Podge and gel medium for gluing and covering, some water color pencils for more color and shading, sometimes some glitter mediums or other paints /inks. I print, cut and trim all the images. The envelopes all get a gloss protective spray before mailing to protect them.
The bottom photo is the front of the envelope. It has a napkin in the background and the girl is from Lisa's Art collage sheets, I think the hat might be also; the wings are filiment leaves.

This is another one I sent to my baby sister. This has some paint and layers of collaged images. The image on the left is from Patty Van Dorin from some images we were given when doing her Fantasy Folded Altered Book class. I just love this image. I cannot remember where the image of the 5 children came from but I love it, too. The old house in the back, the kids and the lady all made me think of myself and siblings when we were young. I am the oldest and always looked over the younger ones. It was amazing to me that each child truly represented one of my siblings, so I labeled them. The sister who got this piece is the youngest child as represented by the baby and she understood right away what I was trying to convey!

This one was sent to a dear friend in Canada. I was sure hoping it would go through customs unharmed and it did! The top photo is the front of the envelope. It's mostly all images collaged with touches of glitter and water color pencil.
This friend has an amazing garden and yard in Ontario,Canada, full of flowers and whimsical displays, hordes of birds and other creatures, we belong to a small close group of Fairies and she likes mushrooms and fantasy. So that explains that!
The back of the envelope is the bottom photo. It is just purely whim on my part using images I really liked. it's all collaged images and then some paint or alcohol ink, can't remember now. I liked these images so much that I used them again on a page in the Fantasy Folded Altered book. I don't doubt that I'll use them again in some fashion on something else! Trimming the flower head took a while, but I like doing the cutting and trimming as I watch tv!

This one was done for a friend's son who got injured playing soccer. That's him in the bottom center and he was injured shortly after that photo was taken! Both sides are all representing things and places he likes. He's a Dallas Cowboy fan so I had to give him images from the Cowboys BUT being a PACKER fan I sure did want to throw in a Packer! I resisted though! This was all collaged using layers of  printed images. The cats did come from a purchased collage sheet but at the moment my mind is blank as to where I got them.

I'll show more later today or tomorrow.


Emelie said...

OH MY I had such a good time, so creative and such beautiful work and lovely how each item shows really well. I do love all those chilren, and said about another oh my look at those tabby cats. I know these are all labors of love for the doing and for the giving. It just feels so good to do such beautiful things.
I have a great inspiration on these visits.

Laura said...

Star, I really love your style of collage! Every time I see the next picture coming up, I think, I can't wait to see what you've done now.

I wonder, do you do all that fine cutting with scissors or an x-acto? Enquiring minds want to know! I find I've gone more now to the x-acto for better control.

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