Friday, December 18, 2009

New Mail Art

Finally the last piece of mail art I sent has reached it's destination so I can show it today. Once I mail a envelope then I worry worry worry that it'll get lost or damaged or even worse that the recipient won't like it. Wish I could just drop it in the mail and let go about it's merrily way, I had fun making it and thinking about who sees it along it's journey ( or is it just machines)?  So I should just be happy and not worry! Right? Nope, I worry. I was born a worrier and a worrier I'll always be.
And for all that worry, the birthday fairy who got the mail had an absolute wonderful reaction when she saw it! I'm very touched! The problem with these pieces of mail art is that no one knows how to open it without damaging the art. Once they settle down and really look at it, you realize you can slit it or cut it along the very top or a side. There's a card inside but it won't hurt the card. And yes, it's a envelope, a envelope has to have something inside's a envelope, after all!!
 So here's the mail art for today:

I just went searching through folders to see where I got the fairy in the top picture but I can't seem to find it. If I find it later I'll come back and give credit if it needs it. And I believe the tiny fairies came from Lisa's altered art again but then again, without going in the art room to look, I could be wrong. But I'm sure they did. The front (top) was just pretty simple;  images cut and collaged with a bit of marking pens and glitter, of course! The hardest part was trimming those teeny tiny fairies! I cannot tell you how many times my stiff fingers lost grip and the fairy tumbled to the floor! Even picking it back up was a trick! After trimming that many teeny fairies I felt like I had done a much needed exercise work-out! Sheesh!

The bottom (back of envelope) is using a print of a photo taken of two dear fairy friends, one of who's birthday it was this week. The photo was of them having lunch and eating strawberries so I added the cake. This side, I used a napkin for the flowers, the images, some stamps, markers and glitter.
So that's all until I do another and send it along on it's journey!

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Emelie said...

I was thinking about all tose people recieving these beautiful cards and the wonderful envelopes, and yes a careful slit on the top.
I have a lot of frames around from thrift stores, every now and then I fram some different things, I can always make it work to fit with a piece of newspaper covering a firm paper then puting the art work on top of te newspaper, or painting over what was in the frame also works.

I thought it was interesting and tempting that Google will make a book out of ones blog posts for you. A price of course but rather nice idea.

Your very good at compostition, and nice arrangement of reality and fantasy. All my life I have been attracted to victorian things.

Hope your having a day with some art.

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