Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mail Art 3

Just have a bit more to show this morning and then I better get busy and DO something artful today. Other than the piece of mail art and playing with a bookmark, I've done nothing in about a week other than cut and trim or browse through piles of images hoping a great idea will jump out at me. It's not too many times that I don't know what to do or don't feel like doing any art; no, it's that my head is so stuffed full of ideas, all different and all different methods of art so that I don't know where to begin! What I want is a huge open loft studio with huge windows so I can have different areas for different forms of art and be able to move from one to another at will! Wouldn't that just be the greatest thing? Of course, I need to be able to have all those different needful supplies and the right lighting for old eyes, and a library to hold art books and it all has to be neat but yet delightfully decorated! And and and..... I don't want much, hey? Oh well, if dreams were dollars, I'd be so very rich!

This was sent to a sweet fairy friend who writes wonderful fantasy stories (I told you about her in a earlier post and you can see a couple of her books on the book shelf). So this bottom picture (front of envelope) is combining my version of the wonderful NITESH white dragon with fairies and maids & things Renaissance and fantastical as she also dresses and sells her wares at Ren Faires. This is all collaged images with some paint and probably watercolor pencil.
The top is the back of the envelope and again is made from all cut and collaged images along with some paint and watercolor pencil. This is because WE ALL love a man in a kilt! I liked this so much I also did the page in the Fantasy Altered Book.

This was to another friend in Tennessee. I waited until the last minute and only had a couple hours before the mailman was due so I had to work in a hurry to get it out as it held a birthday card that was going to be late! So both sides are some hasty cutting and collaging along with some paint, watercolor pencil and glitter.
She's as lovely as a dragonfly and wants to spread her wings and fly!

This one went to a friend who delves into many things! One of the things she does is to make Sea Anchors ( like parachutes) for fishermen to use on their boats. So I decided to do a fish and under the ocean fantasy theme for her. This is all cut images collaged with touches of glitter and behind the fish to represent the water are torn pieces of holographic wrapping paper. I also did another take on the under the ocean piece in the Fantasy  Folded altered book.


Emelie said...

I looked at all of them again, and was thinking that I hoped you are keeping a copy of them for
a bound journal of sorts. Such beauty should not come in ones.

The Come On Down made me laugh. So did the first.

I often don't know where to start each morning either, it is good if I get a very beginning going in the evening. I have a very beginning going now and will go st art something. I also have a terrible mess. I say just one more then I will clean this up and start over. Maybe just a small one for fun and then I will get busy with other things that need doing.

thanks for your visit to by blog. So much appreciated.


naomi orana said...

Absolutely beautiful - so original and fun :)

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