Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shameless Plug

I wasn't going to do this on MY blog but it seems I always end up doing what I say I won't. There's a hundred stories I could tell from my life on that comment but we won't go there, either. Not now anyway.

I own a small home computer business. I own it, my husband (Rocket, to me) D J to others, runs the business and does all the work. Trust me, there would be no computer business if it were left to me to do anything much concerning those lovely machines. I play on computers and use them to spend hours browsing for information and artsy things.
We are Starock Diversity, a small computer shop refurbishing mostly IBM lap tops, and also building desk top models. Besides building the computers, Rocket will also fix most problems, get rid of viruses and other bad creatures lurking on your computer, clean it to allow it to run faster and do whatever else these lovely machines need doing. Don't be afraid of the word REFURBISHED, it only means that while the whole inside works have been checked and new guts (parts) put in, there could be a scratch or scrape on the case or maybe a small mar on the screen. Any imperfections are minor and are pointed out to you before purchasing. They are built to run like new and are many times much better than new from a store. These will come already loaded with anti-virus and other bug preventing programs, they'll also be loaded with other needful programs included in the price. No need to have to go out and spend another unspeakable amount buying the programs you need. Some programs are ala carte and you tell him what you need; they are available at a discount of what purchasing a new program would be. Most of the laptops are set up as wireless and again, is already in the price quote.

The good thing about being small and having a home business is that you can usually reach him at any time, 7 days a week with questions or for help. If he's out on a house call or other errand, he will always call you back where ever you are.
DJ is just starting his own blog and learning the ropes as he goes. You can see it here:
And he also has a web page. It's rather confusing at first, but stay on and keep scrolling and it will bring you to a wealth of needful information:

So if you're having computer woes or in the market for a new laptop or desk top model, need some more memory or a crashed hard drive needs digging into, just call DJ. He'll help most of the time....if he can't help you out, he'll tell you and suggest what to do, if he can. Oh, and yes, we do have a limited warranty that is better than most stores offer.
Check it out. It might be just what you looking for and in these times we all need a real deal on things we need!

So there's my shameless plug. It could save you a bundle and many headaches, too!! Oh, and obviously I cannot figure out how to do a clickable link, so just copy and paste the link. sheesh.....more to learn.

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